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In this section we will analyze the Admiral Markets broker. Is this broker recommended? Is it worth investing with this company? We will take note of the broker's resources, its website, comments from traders, clients and users, also account types, trading platforms and other characteristics. Just to be sure you have the correct opinion.
We also invite all clients and traders of this broker to leave a comment with their opinion about it. We are very interested in having opinions from clients of the broker.

Admiral Markets (part of Admiral Markets UK Ltd.) is a Forex, metals, CFDs and energy broker. This broker is based in London, England and it has been in operation since 2001. The broker is regulated by different regulatory bodies, including: ASIC (Australian regulatory body), the CySEC (Cyprus regulatory body), the FCA (UK regulator) and the FSA (Estonian regulatory body).

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When looking at the broker's website and analyzing the account types, we noticed that the broker offers three different types of accounts. The first type of account is the Admiral.Markets account, and some of its features are: minimum deposit of $ 200, maximum leverage of 1: 500, possibility to trade 31 currencies, CFDs on metals, energies, indices, futures, stocks and bonds. . Spread from 0.8, maximum order size is 100 lots, stop out is 30%. The second type of account is the Admiral.Prime account, and some of its features are: minimum deposit of $ 1000, maximum leverage of 1: 500, possibility to trade 44 currencies and 3 CFDs on metals. Spread from 0, the maximum order size is 200 lots and a stop out of 50%. The third and last type of account is the Admiral.MT5 account, and some of its features are: a minimum deposit of $ 1000, a maximum leverage of 1: 100, the possibility of trading 26 currencies and 2 CFDs on metals. Spreads from 0.2, the maximum order size is 50 lots and stop out is 30%,
It should be noted that all accounts have an advisor, real-time news and an economic calendar.

If you want to go into a little more detail in the types of account, we leave you more characteristics about the types of account.

Admiral Markets account types
Admiral Markets account types

If we analyze now the platforms that the broker offers to traders, we note that it offers the platforms MT4 and MT5.

Now, we will go on to analyze the broker's website in search of resources and tools that it offers to traders and clients.

Admiral Markets website
Admiral Markets website

Some of the resources that we find on the broker's website are: the trading calculator (to know how the orders will be before executing them), a section where they provide fundamental analysis and also technical analysis, Forex economic calendar. They also explain basic concepts such as Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Bonds and how they are traded. They also have a webinars section, a seminars section (although in this we have not found a seminar and we have reviewed the web for a few weeks) and a trader glossary. In this sense, the broker is one of the most complete that we have found.

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Other information about Admiral Markets

We will leave you some more information in case you want to contact the broker, or see their website for yourself.


Phone number: + 34 91 114 25 01

Email: [email protected](It is also possible to contact through its contact section)

Ending this section, the opinion of Recommended Brokers, according to comments from traders, a little research on the broker and an analysis of its website and customer service, is that Admiral Markets is trustworthy.

What is your opinion? Have you traded with this broker? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote, you can also leave a comment on our website.

¡ATTENTION!: in February 2023 CONSOB added to Admiral Markets to your list of fraudulent financial companies, for acting without authorization. ⛔ WE SUGGEST EXTREME CAUTION

➡️ Link to CONSOB's February 2023 warning ⚠️

We leave a vote open so that traders and users can vote for the broker.

What do you think of Admiral Markets? What has been your experience?

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12 comments on «Admiral Markets: Rating and Comments»

  1. José Reply

    CONSOB denounced them.

    • Reply

      Hi José, thanks for commenting on Admiral Markets. This broker is a SCAM. The CONSOB (Italian Financial Regulator) has already warned about them, for lying and not being regulated (See CONSOB link). Do not send them money, they want to get as much money as possible with lies, the operations are not real, the money is not put on the market, they only show it and in the end they tell you that you have lost and they keep it.

      If to withdraw your money they ask you for more to pay taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Do not do it! It is a clear sign that they want to steal your money and they will not return anything even if you pay.

      If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.

      Do you have names of advisers, numbers, emails from which they have contacted you? Do you remember how you found this broker in the first place?

      To recover your money, try our CHAT or in the FORM of this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY


  2. María Reply

    The first thing you have to do is report, bring everything you have, phone numbers, emails, wspa, any paperwork, very important the account numbers where the money has gone, the beneficiaries ...
    When you have the complaint, what you have to do is go to the bank to claim and request a withdrawal of the transfers or card payments.
    Then hire a lawyer.
    Move through the media that disseminate it, get all of you together and fight together against this mob
    Move on social networks to alert people.
    Make an association of victims of financial chiringuitos.
    Here in Spain one is already underway and with that we hope to go far.
    On the other hand, they will keep calling you, do not fall again because there are many who will try to scam you again, some who claim to be money recoveries, no matter why they will use more money from you.

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hi Jessica, thank you for your feedback on Admiral Markets.


  3. Briantoify Reply

    Сплошной обман, предназначенный для хищения денежных средств клиентов
    Good day to all! Необходимо предупредить о ензура] компании, которая работает в связке с несколькими консульноциациконсульноциациконсульноциациконсульноциациконсульноциациконсульноциациконсульноциациконсульноциациконсульноциацикитимульноциацики консульньтацики. Менеджеры консультационных центров упорно и очень настойчиво уговаривают внести неподготовленных клиентов деньги на «личный счёт" оперируя посулами о большой и гарантированной прибыли, выдаче всех документов - от договора до платежно-кассовых. But! Это все только ДО внесения денежных средств. Как только клиент вносит денежные средства, он теряет над ними контроль. Его менеджер на просьбы вывести средства уже не реагирует, а наоборот уговаривает внести больденыти больденыти больденыти больденые. Если отказывается клиент, и четко намерен произвести вывод, особенно, если он знает, как это сделать - то ему очень быстро - в течение очень короткого времени рисуется слив, иногда делается это в течении примерно 15 минут, пока клиент не успевает добраться до компьютера и грамотно оформить заявку на вывод. Очень частые случаи слива средств в ночные часы, когда клиент спит, и не может заблокировагововоть ютоль. Если клиенту не объяснили КАК правильно делать заявку на вывод средств, где и что отключить и заблокировать, эту нужную информацию клиенту намеренно не рассказывают, ему обнуляют счёт в течении примерно 2х месяцев, но как правило быстрее. Каждая история клиента - прямое доказательство продуманной ензура] схемы - сначала человеку говорят одно - сулят гарантированную прибыль, обещают сохранность вложенных средств и их страховку, обещают, что все будет удобно для клиента и прочие обещания надежности всего для клиента и гарантии. На деле, когда клиент переведёт денежные средства, вывести их ему уже не дают! Не редки случаи, когда клиенты, не зная как сделать заявку на вывод, просят помочь вывести сренодюлатвети сренодюченоветвести сренодюлатвити сренодюлатвети сренодюлатвети средиюденоченоствести сренодюлатвый Как в моем личном случае - менеджер Фридман (в прошлом по паспорту, а новым клиента представляющимся уже) даже пошёл на обман- когда я настоятельно уговорила принять меня в офисе для оформления заявки на вывод средств - он все время бегал куда-то с телефоном , и после сказал, что он сделал заявку на вывод, хотя по времени это было невозможно. И даже не дал заполнить реквизиты для вывода, и сославшись на срочную занятость, выпроводил иафил иафил из. Через неделю выяснилось, что заявки на вывод моих денежных средств конечно не было ... а менеджер перестал выходить на связь ... у всех клиентов алгоритм обмана подобный - упорные уговоры, дорогая атрибутика, грамотная терминология - для замыливания глаз и введения в заблуждение клиентов- как только клиент переводит деньги, его пытаются путём показа небольшой прибыли, которую не выводят, а испоются путём показа небольшой прибыли, которую не выводят, а исполяюлавемитибелья юлатибельяютибетибеляюют испольдюют. ? На самом деле деньги даже не выводятся на рынок, а остаются на подконтрольных счётах компаник Клиенту после обнуления или предлагается ещё внести средства или прощаются, предоставляя ему кучу ложной информации с целью отвадить, претендующего на возврат своих денежных средств, клиента. Почитайте другие отзывы о компании - есть сайты, где оставляют реальные отзывы клиентов, а не проплаченные штатных пиарщиков, предназначенных для введения в заблуждение. Будьте бдительны и осторожны! - ни в коем случае не отдавайте представителям свои деньги, сначала почитайте по-больше информацы ибитоноытибитобиноты ибитобинотибиноте. Также выясните - есть ли лицензия ЦБ у компании для законной брокерской деятельности. А ни при каких обстоятельствах свои деньги не отдавайте!

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Briantoify: “A complete hoax designed to steal money from customers.
      Good morning everyone! It is necessary to warn about the tax] of a company that works in conjunction with several consulting centers in Moscow and not only. The managers of the consulting centers persistently and very persistently persuade untrained clients to deposit money in their “personal account”, operating with promises of large and guaranteed profits, issuing all the documents, from the contract to the cash register. But! All this BEFORE making money. As soon as the customer deposits money, he loses control over them. Their manager no longer responds to withdrawal requests, but instead convinces them to deposit more funds. If the client refuses, and you clearly intend to come to a conclusion, especially if you know how to do it, then you need to do it very quickly - a drain is drained in a very short time, sometimes it takes about 15 minutes until the client has time to get to the computer and correctly draft a withdrawal request. Very frequent cases of drainage of funds at night, when the client is sleeping, and cannot block the trade. If the client has not been explained HOW to correctly request a withdrawal of funds, where and what to disconnect and block, they deliberately do not tell this necessary information to the client, they reset their account within about 2 months, but generally faster. Each client's story is direct evidence of a well thought out scheme] - at first they tell the person one thing - they promise guaranteed returns, they promise the safety of the invested funds and their insurance, they promise that everything will be convenient for the client and others reliability promises of everything for the customer and guarantee. In fact, when the client transfers the funds, they no longer give them money! Cases are not uncommon when clients who do not know how to make a withdrawal request are asked to help withdraw funds, but in no case are they given this. As in my personal case, the manager Friedman (in the past according to the passport, but already appeared to be a new customer) even tricked me, when I was firmly convinced that he would take me to the office to complete a withdrawal request from funds, he kept running somewhere with the phone, and then he said he made a termination request, although in time it was impossible. And it wouldn't even allow him to fill in the details of the withdrawal, and referring to the rush job, escorted him out of the office. A week later it turned out that of course there was no request for the withdrawal of my money ... and the manager stopped contacting ... all clients have a similar deception algorithm: persistent persuasion, expensive paraphernalia, competent terminology, to confuse the eyes and trick customers, as soon as the customer transfers money, they try to show it by showing a small profit, which they don't withdraw, but use it to convince the customer to deposit an even larger amount. If the client refuses, the account is canceled without any participation and precedes the fact of lack of funds in "your account". In fact, the money is not even brought to the market, but remains in the controlled accounts of the companies. After zeroing, the customer is invited to deposit funds or say goodbye, providing a bunch of false information to discourage the customer from claiming to return their money. Read other reviews about the company - There are sites where they leave reviews from real customers, rather than full-time paid PR managers, with the intention of being misleading. Be careful and careful! - in no case give money to your representatives, first read more information about this company and check about it. Also find out if the company has a CB license for legitimate brokerage. And under no circumstances give your money!

      • Recommended Brokers

        Hello Briantoify, thank you for sharing your experience with Admiral Markets. If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.

        Do you have numbers, contact names, emails?


  4. Mariana Reply

    Sign this petition to try to end the financial chiringuitos and get our money back
    change .org / p / government-of-espa% C3% B1a-closure-of-financial-chiringuitos

  5. Elizabeth Reply

    I have been trying for more than a week to make a withdrawal of 5000 USD and close my account and they ask me for a series of documents. It's my money. I'm not asking for a loan. The previous time they asked me for my payroll to withdraw 3000 USD now they ask me for my tax return. None of this happens when you want to make a deposit, all the hassle is when you want to withdraw. It is unheard of!

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Elizabeth, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Admiral Markets, we are very sorry to read your situation… Can you tell us more about your experience with this company? Do you remember how you came to find them? For an advertisement on the internet perhaps?
      Maybe you should contact the financial regulator in your country, where are you from?

      Ridiculous to be asked for A PAYROLL to withdraw, really incredible ...


    • pains Reply

      Hello, Elizabeth

      Apparently it is the modus operandi of this broker, as they requested all that documentation and I have been waiting for the withdrawal for more than 45 days, after sending it to them, I feel desperate.

      • Recommended Brokers

        Hi Dolores, thank you for sharing your experience with Admiral Markets, do you remember how you came to find them in the first place? If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.

        Do you have numbers, contact names, emails? Where are you from?


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