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In this section we will analyze Back Capital (, is a company whose function is, in theory, to help those affected by brokers with bad practices to recover their money.

It should be noted that we usually make reviews about brokers, but due to different emails and comments received from affected parties and broker clients, requesting information about the company Back Capital, we have decided to make a review about the company.

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The company, as we mentioned before, usually contacts people who have lost large sums of money with brokers (be it a forex broker, a binary options broker, or some other investment) and offers to recover the investment or part of it..

BackCapital website
BackCapital website

The company mentions having a location at Avenida Diagonal, 211, Barcelona, ​​Spain.

Now, we don't really have much experience analyzing any other type of company that is not a broker, but here we will show you something very curious that we noticed about Back Capital.

If we see the “About Us” section ( of the Back Capital website, we see that they present their team of professionals.

We, Back Capital
We, Back Capital

Now, look how curious, if we go to the website of a law firm based in different cities in Spain, called Roca Junyent and we see their team of lawyers, we notice that a large part of the Back Capital team of professionals also appears in Roca Junyent's study, but with another name, strange, right?

Is it real or is it another beach bar?
Is Back Capital real?


You can see the image in full size clicking here.

Well, we noticed that most of the members of Back Capital appear, but with another name, and when looking for the names, we notice that the real name is the one that appears on the website of the mentioned law firm. Here are some examples of the LinkedIn profiles of the “Back Capital members”.

The so called "Arturo Graciani Giralt" from Back Capital, with another name.

Back Capital Partners
Back Capital Partners

The so called "Carlos Serrano" from Back Capital, with another name too.

Back Capital Partners
Back Capital Partners

Here the certain Alonso García Borrás, in Back Capital, we notice that they have simply taken an image from a bank of images (websites that sell images).

Is Back Capital real?
Is Back Capital real?

Well, the truth is that a service that uses an invented “equipment” does not generate much confidence in us, although it should be noted that we have not yet heard any testimony from people who have worked with Back Capital, so we cannot guarantee 100% that their services They are not real, but of course we do not recommend them.

Alleged Back Capital partners
Alleged Back Capital partners: they appoint financial regulators such as the FCA (UK regulatory body), CySEC (Cyprus regulatory body), and the CNMV (Spanish regulatory body), among others.


Other information about Back Capital


Some more information in case you want to contact the company, or see its website for yourself.


Phone number: + 34 911 87 66 29

Email: [email protected]

Get your money back - we help you

Ending with this section, in our opinionWe believe that the company Back Capital is reliable? We are not sure. We suggest caution. Why? Because his supposed team of professionals does not exist, he does not trust us.


Update November 2017: We have received an email from the FCA (UK financial regulator and alleged partner of Back Capital) mentioning that THEY ARE NOT PARTNERS OF BACK CAPITAL, AND THAT IT IS POSSIBLY A SCAM.




What is your opinion? Have you worked with this company? Are you a customer? Do you think our opinion is not correct? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote, you can also leave a comment on our website with your experience if you are a client of the company.


We leave a vote open so that traders, clients and users of the company can vote.


What do you think of Back Capital? What has been your experience?




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About my studies: I studied at the University of Salamanca for a Degree in Economics and then did a Master's in Finance in Madrid.
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78 comments on «Back Capital: Valuation and comments»

  1. Juan Alberto Reply

    IT IS A SCAM DO NOT FALL FOR THIS LIE, if you really want to get your money back go with mychargeback, it seems a lie but I tried the mychargeback services suggested here and it went well. The process can take a long time but if you act quickly it is better. I was scammed out of € 11.000 and was able to recover almost all of them. It is my recommendation.

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Juan, Great !!!, Thank you very much for warning, we are very happy that you have achieved it, now be careful if you invest again, check the brokers before trusting one, here we have almost all of them.

      For others who want to get their money back, they should try talking to our chat or click on this link:

      If you want to see our ranking of the recommended brokers 2021 click HERE

      Greetings and good luck.

  2. Recommended Brokers Reply

    Hello Jessica, your information and the decalogue about the most common traps and tactics of the Brokers that SCAM is very interesting, it should be learned by each investor and become a STANDARD, that is why we are convinced that your contribution when shared with All our readers will help avoid many frauds, scams and deceptions by brokers.
    For this reason we think it is of the utmost importance that all those affected by these brokers report it through our portal and expose the brokers who have scammed them by writing their experiences, whether good or bad and that in this way it can be uncovered from where the deceptions are committed, who is involved and that everyone knows about it.
    As you well know, we offer on our website the option of being able to RECOVER ALL or PART OF THE MONEY with a company that is specialized in it and that has proven to be very effective, those affected can speak in the CHAT that we have on the web or by reviewing this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY, WE HELP YOU.


  3. Andrea Steel Reply

    I was scammed by a Black Core brocker an advisor named Roberto Dávila 442080028711 [email protected]
    He made me invest in a metal and the fact is that that position went under and told me that I should invest that they lent me to recover and I accepted but as the days went by I convinced myself that they were scammers, after 2 weeks my husband I looked on the Internet for a way to get the money back and a lawyer contacted me Fabián Ross Brito [email protected] +44 208 089 8502 and he told me that the money could be recovered, deposit 3000 USD to start the claim and in February 2020 he told me that I had won and that my money would be transferred to my account in Colombia but I had to pay 18% of the fees, I deposited them in EUROBANK BULGARIA AD to Paysera Lt and to date I have not received my money, supposedly due to the pandemic it was going to take a little longer than expected and then he told me that the intermediary bank RBC CAPITAL MARKETS is charging a 10,5% tax of the capital to transfer so that the money finally reaches my account. I still have contact with the lawyer but I honestly don't know what to do because I'm in a thousand problems for all the money I've lost and I want to get it back but I can't find a way out, I thank the people who can help me.

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Andrea, nothing of what they have told you is not true, sorry to say so, but all these scammers do is try to get as much money as possible, in the next they will tell you that you have to pay something else and so on until get tired or stop believing them.

      On their website they use images / Photos of real lawyers from other firms and change their name.

      I recommend that you report the companies where you sent the money, I mean write to the banks where you sent the money and tell them that these companies are scamming people.


    • Alberto Reply

      Friend, I am in the same city, I already paid that supposed 10.5% tax, it is the same lawyer Fabián Ross Brito, after he made me pay 10888euros of fees, and then he made me pay the tax, and then asked for another fine payment for 1000 euros and he no longer answers my emails, please tell me where did you go, did they deposit you?

      • Recommended Brokers

        Hello Alberto, thank you for sharing your experience with Online Lawyers Back Capital. This supposed law firm is a SCAM. Do not send them money, they want to get as much money as possible with lies, they are linked to the broker that previously SCAMMED you, they are not going to help you, they only make it look to collect money and in the end they take EVERYTHING again.
        If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.

        Do you have names of advisers, numbers, emails from which they have contacted you? Do you remember how you found this broker in the first place?

        To get your money back, try our chat or this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY, WE HELP YOU


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