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In this section we will analyze the broker CapitalGBP, is a CFD and Cryptocurrency broker. Is CapitalGBP really recommended to make an investment? Or is it better not to invest with this company? Is it a safe broker? Is a gotcha? We will help you determine it.

You might be wondering why we did a review on CapitalGBP. It is because we have received some messages from clients asking about the company, and we like to think that our reviews page helps investors, by providing key information about the company, we disclose information that every investor should know before leaning or not, for Invest with an investment company.

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We carry out this review and assessment, due to the fact that we receive different messages and comments asking about the reliability of the company in question.Are you a representative of this company? Leave a comment responding to customer concerns.

Essential information: Who does it belong to? Where is located? Is it a regulated broker?

The broker mentions being part of: Game Capital Ads Limited (as well as Stock BTC FX, Game BTC FX, Pro Capital FX, Crypto Club FX y First FX Club, all brokers advised by the CNMV). Although the website mentions being in the name of NORBERTO HERNAN CORTES VEGA and having an address in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico.


As to its location, The broker mentions being based in: supposedly the United Kingdom, although if they are actually based there they should be regulated by the FCA, which does not happen and what makes us doubt about their real location. Although in another section of their website they mention being based in the Marshall Islands, so it is not clear.


If we analyze the regulation of the broker: since CapitalGBP does not mention anything about being a regulated company, we believe that it is an unregulated broker.

If now we go on to analyze account types that CapitalGBP offers, we note that they offer 4 different types of account: Standard Account, Standard Account (2), Gold Account and Premium Account. We leave an image with a little information about each type of account.

Standard Account- Minimum initial deposit of $ 250.

Standard Account (2): minimum initial deposit of $ 2.500, live chat, access to all the functions of the platform.

Gold Account: minimum initial deposit of $ 20.000, live chat, access to all the functions of the platform, more information on autochartist, SMS signals, VIP manager, individual hotline.

Premium account: minimum initial deposit of $ 50.000, live chat, access to all the functions of the platform, more information on autochartist, SMS signals, VIP manager, individual hotline, one-to-one special promotions, personal reports on the stock market .

CapitalGBP account types
CapitalGBP account types

In the following image you can have more information about the types of account. Click here to see the image in full size.

Las platforms to operate that CapitalGBP offers are: they do not mention it, we believe that CapitalGBP's own platform.

We will now analyze the different resources and aids for traders that CapitalGBP provides on its website. We believe that the resources and help provided on the website can be a point in favor of the broker.

CapitalGBP website
CapitalGBP website


CapitalGBP provides the following help or resources to traders or interested parties: very basic explanation and without going into detail about the services that CapitalGBP offers, some news about financial events of interest, really not much more than this.


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Other information about CapitalGBP


Some more information in case you want to contact the company, or see its website for yourself.


Phone number: +44 20 3936 5597 and +44 74 4849 8859 (Whatsapp)

Email address: [email protected] and (Skype)


>>> Valuation on CapitalGBP <<


Ending with this section, in our opinion Do we believe that the CapitalGBP company is reliable? Should you invest your money with the company?


The truth is that, we believe that it is better to be careful because: it is an unregulated broker, it provides very little information about the services that the company offers, it belongs to a company already warned by the CNMV, it is not clear where it is based, looking for valuations on CapitalGBP did not really find any other valuation, which indicates that it is a “new” company. We suggest using caution.


October 2019 update: CNMV, Spanish regulator, has warned about CapitalGBP, we suggest extreme caution. CNMV also advises that CapitalGBP is linked to ES.FIRSTBTCFX.COM, ES.PROCAPITALFX.COM, ES.BTCGLOBEFX.COM, ES.FIRSTFXCLUB.COM, ES.CAPITALBTCFX.COM, ES.CRYPTOCLUBFX.COM and ES.GAMEBTCFX.COM


We always recommend working only with properly regulated companies, isn't it better to have the protection of a good regulator? Is it worth the risk if there are much safer options to invest?


You have to understand that one of the few measures that really ensure the clients' money is the regulation of the broker, that is, it is probably the most important thing in any broker; THAT IT HAS A GOOD REGULATION, DO NOT BE FOOLED. Good regulation means that there is an authority to which, in case of misunderstandings or problems, customers can complain.


What is your opinion? Have you traded with this broker? Are you a customer? Do you think our opinion is not correct? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote, you can also leave a comment on our website with your experience if you are a client of the broker.


We leave a vote open so that traders, clients and users of the broker can vote.


What do you think of CapitalGBP? What has been your experience?




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