Dragonchain: Everything you need to know

Cryptocurrencies like Dragonchain came to change the way we know, handle and even create money. This has caused a large number of companies to turn to cryptocurrencies as a way to invest for the future and progress.

We see a perfect example in The Walt Disney Company, a company that, despite being a giant in entertainment, has also set its eyes on a new business, cryptocurrencies. That's right, we will tell you everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency created by Walt Disney.

▶ What is Dragonchain? ✨

Dragonchain is a cryptocurrency that was born from the hand of Disney, which stands out for its orientation to both the general public and the private sector. Born under Blockchain technology, this digital currency operates a Token which was created through Ethereum's ERC20 system.

The objective of Dragonchain, or DRGN, is not only to be a virtual currency as an investment towards the future but it is to operate as a way to incorporate and create Blockchain to the company's systems in a fast, agile and secure way. In short, it is putting a foot into the future by innovating in the way you process transactions.

Among the main characteristics that DRGN has is the use of scalable technology which is totally free of servers. In addition to this we find that Different simple programming languages ​​such as Java, Node or Python were incorporated, which makes its development easier.

In addition, in order to offer it as a technological solution for companies, Dragonchain has business data protection. Also added the function of creating fixed blocks every 5 seconds, as well as interoperability functions. This in order to make it a much more competitive option in business environments.


▶ Differences between Dragonchain and other cryptocurrencies✨

  • Integration: One of the points in favor of this virtual currency and that the difference from others is the way in which it is integrated. This because of It has a design that helps that they can be linked to BaaS (“Blockchain-as-a-Service”) within their Blockchain.
  • Simple structure: By using part of the Ethereum Blockchain in its construction, as well as a development from scratch made from a simple programming language, the structure becomes much lighter and simplified. This helps make integration and improvement easier.
  • Development and incubation: Compared to cryptocurrencies like Ethereum that focuses on launching platforms through ICOS, Dragonchain stands out for having a different concept. And is that this platform has launched programs to create an incubation environment that allows other companies to create their own Blockchain.
  • Serverless structure: Instead of having servers where all the information and data of the cryptocurrency are housed, in DRGN we find a structure without servers or Serverless. Here, instead of using servers, the codes are executed within a runtime environment which are managed by IBM and Amazon.
  • Mined: Another difference compared to currencies like Bitcoin is that Dragonchain cannot be mined. That's right, this coin does not have the option to minado, since all the allowed currencies have been issued. That is why there is no option for miners to participate in block validation.
  • Back: Lastly, we can find that Disney offers undoubtedly very good endorsement on this coin. And it is that having such a large and important company behind makes investors and users feel more confident when buying this cryptocurrency than others.

▶ Technology behind✨

The cryptocurrency Dragonchain operates through a chain of blocks which is developed under very simple programming languages. This makes it possible for developers to link applications and improve their operation without so much hassle. In addition, this cryptocurrency stands out for having the following characteristics on its technology:

  • Platform: The platform developed behind Dragonchain has allowed this cryptocurrency to become a developer-friendly environment. Here we can find, for example, spaces to store smart contracts, in addition, you have access to Amazon AWS services. This allows you to improve the integration of data in a single development environment.
  • Incubator: As we already told you, one of the objectives of Dragonchain is to become a development and incubation environment for Blockchain projects. Once this platform has been developed, the most experienced developers will find access here, in addition to allowing companies to develop projects. It's basically going to be like a Startup nest.
  • Marketplaces: By developing an environment for the incubation of projects based or not on Blockchain, Dragonchain stands out for the initiative that its creators have put on the table. And it is that in addition to the incubation environment It is planned to create a Marketplace where all kinds of services focused on companies will be offered.
  • Tokens: Another striking feature is that Dragonchain can operate without a virtual currency as such, this is known as currency agnostic. Although it also has the ability to create multiple Token thus highlighting the Dragon which operates as a kind of internal cryptocurrency.

It is worth mentioning that mining is not available in this cryptocurrency. This is because all possible cryptocurrencies have already been generated. Although it is said that the possibility of creating a sidechains is open so that an option is developed to mine these digital currencies.

▶ How can I get Dragonchain? ✨

One of the main disadvantages of this Disney Virtual Token is the fact that you cannot access it so easily. In the first place, you cannot mine it so the only option, or buy or exchange it with a private individual or an Exchange.

As for its sale, it is limited to a few exchange houses because it does not operate as a cryptocurrency as such, rather it is a platform and environment. The exchanges where you can find Dragonchain are Kucoin, Tidex or Gate.io, the best option to buy it is through Ethereum coins for its compatibility.

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