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A broker is a platform designed so that investors can access different financial products and investment instruments. Spain is considered one of the most important markets in terms of number of users and volume of transactions. This has made more and more brokers appear in this market in order to attract more people.

Let's say a broker is a kind of retailer in the financial world, like a Walmart, only instead of selling bread it sells stocks, currencies, binary options, Forex and more. That is why here we will tell you which are the best online brokers in Spain.

▶ Top best brokers in Spain

  • Caixa Bank (2.7 out of 5): La Caixa, as it was known before, is a broker that operates through the Open Stock Exchange modality, standing out for offering competitive prices in cash shares, warrants, futures, options, fixed income and ETFs.
  • Interactive Brokers (3.3 of 5): Considered as the forerunner and founder of online trading, This broker has focused on offering a solid structure, with all the tools you need to invest and low prices. This platform has even been shown to be 88% cheaper than its competitors.
  • Bankinter (3.2 of 5): In this broker you have the option of buying and selling assets and shares both in the national stock market and in international markets. Its proposal includes a good range of investment instruments, as well as the option to operate in computer and mobile browsers.


  • Bankia (1.5 of 5): The offer of this online broker in Spain is mainly focused on stocks, funds and fixed income tboth for national markets and abroad. Here we find good tools for users such as information on trends, news and constantly updated stock prices.
  • Clicktrade (3.3 of 5): To attract new users, This platform offers one of the lowest commissions of only 0.08%, plus it does not have commissions neither for custody nor for account maintenance. The number of instruments it offers to invest, such as shares, reaches 18 thousand.
  • Bank (1.5 of 5): If what you are looking for is a good number of markets to invest in, then this is one of the best brokers. Here you can not only invest in the national market, you can also do it abroad such as: AC 40, DAX XETRA, AEX, PSI 20, FTFS 100, DOWN JONES, NASDAQ COMP, NASDAQ 100, NIKKEI 225.
  • Swissquote (3.7 out of 5): Specialized in currencies or Forex, this is one of the most solid brokers, since offers about 70 pairs to trade. In addition, it has different trading sub platforms such as the option to operate with a demo account.
  • Cajamar (2.7 of 5): Developed for Cajamar bank clients, This broker is in charge of putting at your access everything you need to invest your savings. Among the instruments they offer to invest we find investment in stocks, futures, warrants and ETFs. The service has the peculiarity that it uses the online banking system to function.
  • com (2.5 of 5): Focused on stocks, warrants, ETFs and pension plans, This broker aims to offer competitive options to be able to invest. For example, it has a flat rate of 2.5 euros for the domestic market and 3 euros for the foreign market.
  • Deutsche Bank (2.5 out of 5): Considered one of the most important banks in Europe, Deutsche Bank leverages its digital banking platform to help you invest. To do this, it puts at your disposal banking instruments such as investment in fixed and variable income variables, unlisted securities and rights.
  • Dif Broker (3.8 out of 5): 100% focused on online trading, this is one of the few platforms that have a native development in the digital world. Its main benefit? It offers you more than 5,000 CFDs, 150 EFTs, Forex, futures and more so that you can invest easily.
  • Self Bank (4.2 out of 5): This bank can boast of being one of the financial giants of the internet. The way it has adapted and taken advantage of the new digital world and the myriad of tools make it a great broker. What's more, is the best evaluated on the list.
  • com (3.3 of 5): Considered one of the most famous brokers in Spain, without a doubt this is a great option for those looking for a trustworthy operator. The maintenance and hiring costs are zero, as well as offering a trading school to improve your performance.
  • ING Direct (2.6 of 5): This bank stands out for taking advantage of its online banking platform. Thus You have within reach the benefits of managing your account, as well as being able to invest in the stock market and in the main markets internationally through the main stock indices of many countries.
  • Popular (1.3 of 5): If what you want are options to invest, then this platform is a great option. Here you can buy shares in stocks, warrants, mutual funds and fixed income how to find out about the debt OPV, OPS and capital increases, both in Spain and global markets.
  • Renta4banco (3 of 5): Unlike other brokers, His main focus is brokerage and asset management. The clients of this broker can invest from 1.5 euros in national markets and 15 in foreign markets. Among its instruments are: uturos, CFDs, Forex, Warrants, Options, as well as funds, pension plans, public or private debt and SICAVs.
  • Savings corporation (2.5 of 5): Focused mainly on the stock market, This broker offers you access to both the Spanish stock market and the world's most important stock indices such as: Eurostoxx 50, Cac 40, Dax 30, Mib 30, Aex, PSI 20, Ftse 100, SWX, OMX, Dow Jones 30, Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500.
  • Ibercaja (1 of 5): Finally, we find this broker whose The main advantage is to offer three ways to contract their services: Telephone, offices and website. Its offer is mainly focused on shares of companies in Spain and the world.


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