Social networks are a playground for scammers who reinvent themselves every day to squeeze innocent people or people with good intentions. That is why you have to keep your eyes wide open and be informed so as not to fall. Below, we show what are the most used scams currently through Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and more. Lately, scams have become popular through dating applications or to find a partner such as Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, OKCupid, Badoo, Plenty of Fish and happn.

facebook tiktok instagram scams
The networks most used by scammers are Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.
  • BOTS

Bots are programs that are automatically programmed to carry out specific and repetitive tasks over the internet, and scammers take advantage of this by posing as the customer service of companies such as exchanges so that gain access to people's wallets.

With messages like: “Hello, welcome to the Coinbase Safety Prevention Hotline” followed by the warning to the user that they were trying to log in from their account and therefore they press a number to be able to restore security, in this way the user enters the passwords and the money that therefore disappears.

  • Homework apps or to earn money

It all starts with a WhatsApp or Telegram chain trying to convince people to earn money through an application that promises rewards for performing certain tasks.

These tasks range from watching news on social networks, to making purchases on Amazon or clicking on products for sale online. Also download other apps or watch videos online. Well, to download the app, we will have to enter our bank details and watch out, because do not comply with the Privacy and Data Policy correctly, as they do not usually have complete contact information such as real address and phone numbers.

Soon after, users begin to earn money, so the word begins to spread and the app gains more and more followers. There are some that encourage you to invest more to earn more and move up in category within it and others that earn you more money if you invite more people. After they no longer have anyone else to convince, the app starts to malfunction, they don't pay and finally it crashes, disappears and the profits are kept by the scammers who created it. classic one pyramid scheme or a ponzi scheme.

  • romance scams

The person is contacted by someone with a striking profile picture, usually young and attractive people who randomly add numbers and who will immediately be interested in meeting them, spending time together, etc. This person will start sending photos, often using someone else's stolen photos to make them look real and begin to weave a more intimate relationship. These can happen more often on hookup or dating apps like: Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, OKCupid, Badoo, Plenty of Fish and happn.

romance scams

When trust has already been established, she will state that she has financial problems, or that she or her mother has become ill, or that she has had an accident, etc etc. All so that money is sent repeatedly and then disappears.

They also often request the opening of a joint bank account that they will only use to steal money. It is also common for the fake person to mention being a successful investor and invite you to invest.

  • cryptocurrency scams

They are usually through advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Instagram or TikTok profiles, also by Telegram, although they act in the same way in any. There are telegram groups where there is someone motivating to invest in a certain account or in investment plans to multiply the money that will be nothing more than tricks to get the cryptocurrencies out of the wallets of innocent people.

They do it through groups that seem serious, with graphs of earnings and earnings only and even share a website to make everything seem more serious and legal. The channel or chat may be one of active cryptocurrencies in which you can participate and others in which only others actively speak but you cannot respond. 

They also often have limited offers that you have to respond to quickly if you want to use them or not.

WATCH OUT! Never make cryptocurrency transactions, do not show or share your private keys or passwords, much less your recovery phrase. Also, do not install apps or software on your mobile or computer that are remote control because they can see all your movements and passwords.

  • Trading Gurus – Investment Scams

Chats normally led by a young, rich man, who can show his luxuries through the group to "motivate" people to deposit money. From luxury cars, to watches of tens of thousands of dollars, from luxury trips to private jets, and wads of bills, everything that fits in the imagination of a rich person.

It is also very common to find profiles of supposedly successful people, leading a life of luxury due to their investments.

Here are two example images of SCAM Instagram accounts. As we can see, they mention being experts in investments, as they also show images of supposed winning operations of their investments, or of their luxurious life, of all the money they have thanks to their investments.

Examples of scams through Instagram
Examples of scams through Instagram 2

These scammers They will try to hook as many people assuring that they are engaged in trading (financial speculation to obtain profits) and will show supposed evidence of their success. These gurus, claiming to have years of experience in financial activities, ensure their success and the multiplication of people's income in record time.

Do you know any scam through social networks? We are interested in knowing it, share it with us!

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