Trading influencers you should know🤳

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Influencers are people who have, in a certain way, influence over the opinion or even the behavior of another person. For example, an Influencer is the person who, through Instagram, with a single story, can influence your decision to buy a certain product.

Within the world of Influencers we can find different areas, one of them is the Influencers of Trading. These are opinion leaders who focus on talking about trading and finances in order to help their followers invest better. Here we will tell you all about these opinion leaders.

✨Reasons to follow Influencers✨

  • They speak your language: Most Influencers speak in a colloquial language or slang which is very easy to understand. This makes it possible for your followers to quickly understand your topic. For many, this is a great advantage, since it is easier to understand a person who talks about you to you than a book.
  • You can easily follow them: Another great advantage is that these opinion leaders are available on a large number of platforms. You can easily follow them through social networks, for example, like Instagram or Facebook.
  • They know about many topics: Modern opinion leaders are experts at speaking on different topics. Thus, you will not only be able to learn about Trading, you will also be able to learn about Forex, personal finance and more.. In this way you will have everything you want to know in one place and with a pleasant profile.
  • There are them for everyone: Finally, you should know that there are Influencers for all tastes, since there are them from the most conservative such as the presenters of a TV program or journalists, to the youngest, full of energy and with more than revolutionary ideas.


✨Influencers about trading that you should follow✨

  • muthukrishnan

This influencer from India is the perfect image of an old school thought leader. With more than 25 years of experience in the market and a famous blog, Wise Wealth Advisors, D. Muthukrishnan is an influencer on Forex to follow.

  • Sven Henry

Known for his television appearances on networks such as CNBC, CNN, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance among others. Sven is one of the most important influencers on Forex and currency market that you can follow. In his Twitter account you can find very valuable graphs and data.

  • Danielle DiMartino Booth

Famous for being one of the most important women on Trading, Danielle is well known for her long track record in the market. To learn more about his career and knowledge, you can follow his blog, his column on Bloomberg and his TV programs.

  • Liz ann sonders

Following Liz on social networks is undoubtedly something you should do, this because here you will find a wealth of data and information to help you improve your finance experience. Plus, Liz backs up everything she says with her great track record.

  • Kathy Lien

Specialist in the foreign exchange segment, Kathy has a background on Wall Street and JP Morgan which makes her one of the most important people in this segment. Today Kathy has different means to get her information to users.

  • Linda Bradford Raschke

Despite being withdrawn from the market, Linda continues to be relevant through her social networks, Workshops and also through her workshops. In social networks, Linda stands out for sharing analysis of the stock market and different types of graphs related to the markets.

  • Emeritus Quintana

Emeritus is one of those financial influencers that most know in Spain for his great career, I bet it turns out to be and also, for the quality of its content. To find Emeritus you can go to his Facebook or his Instagram, for example.

  • Paco Lodeiro Beloved

Young and with a great career, Paco is only 35 years old and has a lot of experience in the finance sector. In addition to sharing their knowledge on social media, Paco has an academy focused on Forex and Trading in order to make users make better investment decisions.

  • Anthony R. Rico

Although Antonio has little time as an influencer despite his long history in Trading, since his blog was opened in 2010, his content has become relevant. On his Twitter, he forecasts future changes in the market, as well as shares his ideas.

  • Adrian Godas

With only 20 years, Adrián has his own trading and investment academy which stands out for having a clear mission, empowering people to improve their investments. Godás is the best example of a modern influencer focused on Trading and finance.

  • Fernando Alonso Martin

Fernando Alonso is one of the most complete influencers that we can find, since he has different platforms on which he disseminates content. For example, We find him in his Podcast, on his website and we can also follow him through his social networks such as Twitter.

  • Rocio Balestra

Director of the National Securities Commission of Argentina, the stock market, and a specialist in Fintech, Rocío is one of the influencers on finance that you should follow yes or yes. Doing so is very simple thanks to the fact that it has a Twitter account which boasts more than 1,200 followers.

  • jamie merino

Widely known in Latin America, Jaime Merino is one of the best influencers in the finance market. Its content is relevant, but it is also very young, in addition to focusing on the digital world. Finding it is very simple, since it has an account on social networks and YouTube.


✨ How to choose an influencer? ✨

Finally, you should know that the best way to choose an Influencer is based on the content they offer and relating it to you. Does your style suit you? Is your content useful to you? If you answer both questions with a yes, there it is.

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