Kucoin Shares: Everything you need to know

✔️ Information reviewed and updated in February 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

The Asian market is gaining more relevance every day as one of the most important in trade and finance worldwide. We can see this with cryptocurrencies, since today there are digital currencies such as Kucoin Shares, which have an origin in Asia.

Here we will talk about Kucoin Shares, one of the most important cryptocurrencies in the Asian market. We will tell you everything you need to know about this currency, about its importance in the international market, as well as its characteristics and differences compared to other cryptocurrency brands.

✨What is Kucoin Shares?

One of the most important exchange houses, the place where assets, currencies and cryptocurrencies are exchanged, also known as Exchange, is KuCoin. As part of its strategy to gain more relevance and in the market, this exchange has decided to launch its own cryptocurrency called Kucoin or KCS.

Like Binance, another exchange house, Kucoin made the use of its cryptocurrency as an inhouse investment and payment method as its main purpose, although its use quickly became popular. This has made Kucoin more and more relevant in the market.

The basis of this cryptocurrency is on the Ethereum Blockchain, in addition to the fact that the Token of the same cryptocurrency also operates under the ERC20 concept. The main difference compared to its mother currency and other cryptocurrencies is in the way in which users can earn money.

And it is that just by storing KCS you can take dividends from each transaction carried out in the KuCoin Exchange. This is a great advantage for users who find KCS a good investment. The main objective of this currency is to serve as an exchange currency, since it is not used as a payment method.

kucoin shares

✨ What are the differences of Kucoin versus other cryptocurrencies?

  1. Full service: One of the main differences of this cryptocurrency versus others such as Bitcoin or Ethereum is that here we find a complete service. Kucoin offers cryptocurrency, Blockchain, token and also its own Exchange.
  2. Efficiency: To work, Kucoin has developed a technology known as KuCoin Shares which stands out for its great efficiency. According to data from the same exchange house, the efficiency is 100 to 1000 times higher than the usual industry standards.
  3. Security level: Another quite outstanding feature of Kucoin is the fact that this cryptocurrency has a superior security system. The high level of privacy, as well as its user protection systems guarantee the anonymity of transactions, as well as reducing the risk of Hacking.
  4. Mined: Finally, you should know that the Kucoin mining process, compared to other currencies, is not open, because it reached the maximum number of coins, it was closed. That is why it is not possible to mine Kucoin what we can do in Bitcoin, for example.

✨Technology behind Kucoin

Regarding the operation of Kucoin, basically we can say that this cryptocurrency operates through the use of the Ethereum blockchain. In the same way, the Token of the same company is used as a way to support the KCS currency, so the operation is very simple.

On the other hand, you must take into account how the so-called Kucoin Shares works, which is nothing more than a process in which you receive a bonus for storing Kucoins. That's right, although this depends on the amount of KCS you have in your Wallet.

The dividend comes from the commission of each transaction being the equivalent of 0.2%, which, in turn, is divided by two, since the parties involved receive a dividend for the process. That is why the calculation is made based on the transaction and also on your Wallet.

Although the volume of commissions is very low, since with 100.000.000 tokens we can only earn 0,0006 USD per coin, it is speculated that When the value of this Token reaches the top 10 of the most valued cryptocurrencies, the amount of the commissions would be much higher.


Today it is not possible to mine Kucoin Shares, this because this cryptocurrency is about to reach the maximum level of coins. It is estimated that there are about 91 million tokens in circulation, the maximum limit of coins being 181 million coins.

In order to reduce the amount of coins available in the market and prevent their value from falling, it was decided to close the mining. This, in turn, helps Kucoin Shares acquire much more value by avoiding a glut of coins on the market.

✨How to find Kucoin Shares?

There are two ways to get these cryptocurrencies, the first is to buy them, which is limited to the KuCoin exchange house. That's how it is, If you want to buy KCS you can only do it in the Exchange of the owner of this currency so you will not find it in another house.

The second option is to invest in Kucoin Shares, that's right, you can make investments by storing these coins. Do you remember that Kucoin Shares pays dividends to those who store Token when a transaction is made? Then The logical thing is to invest in the storage of coins in order to earn a percentage of the commission.


✨ Is Kucoin Shares worth it?

Despite being very simple, since we did not find some outstanding characteristics beyond the gains that the storage of these tokens leaves us. Kucoin Shares looks promising for two reasons, the commissions we can earn, as well as the backing of the KuCoin brokerage house.

KuCoin has revealed that it has clear intentions to make Kucoin Shares reach the Top 10 of coins with the best market value. This makes us see that the economic potential of this token can be very good, especially if we focus on storing it as an investment.

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