Cryptocurrency Market: Top 10

If you are thinking of investing in the cryptocurrency market, then you must know the top 10 with the best in the market.

➡️ Bitcoin in the Market

One of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market is the Bitcoin . Not only is it one of the most famous because it was one of the pioneers in the segment, it also has one of the most studied and also most complex Blockchains.

This currency is not only the one that has capitalized the highest value, it is also one of the ones that has accumulated the most transactions. According to experts, until this year and since its launch, about 17 million Bitcoin have been mined.



Ethereum is arguably what Pepsi is to Coca Cola, its closest competitor and also one of the most popular alternatives. Unlike Bitcoin, which uses a basic Blockchain, so to speak, Ethereum has one of the most revolutionary Blockchain.

Unlike its competitor, this cryptocurrency has laid the foundations of the Blockchain in networks by creating a wide network of mining and complex obtaining systems. The technology behind this cryptocurrency is based on the Toekn ERC20 which revolutionized the way of creating cryptocurrencies.

➡️ ✨ Onda

Also known as XRP, this coin accumulates about 8% of the market with a total of 100 million cryptocurrencies . One of the reasons why Ripple has gained popularity is due to the debate of experts who consider that this currency does not have an intrinsic value.

The possible alliances with giants of the financial segment such as American Express have allowed this company to capitalize, gaining value in its currency. Today Ripple, despite the controversy, has managed to be classified as one of the 5 most valuable digital currencies in the world and also the most commercialized.

Polka dots fabrics

➡️ Launched this year, Polkadot has just begun to collect popular, that is why it barely manages to concentrate 1% of the market operations. Despite this, there are many experts who consider this coin as the future replacement of Ethereum in the Blockchain network.

And here we find a cryptocurrency backed by a series of security measures designed to give it greater stability and less volatility. Another point in favor is that it has an interconnection between Blockchain networks, as well as includes a voting governance system. The most interesting thing is that it is possible to integrate different independent Blockchains within its operation.

Litecoin on the Market

Emerged as a kind of improved Bitcoin, although from its competitors, Litecoin has been on the market for almost 10 years. The main characteristic is that this currency took the Bitcoin Blockchain and improved it by solving security problems.

➡️ This made Litecoin today generate four times more coins than Bitcoin using a very similar Blockchain. Another great advantage is that Litecoin does not require super computers for the mining process, which makes it much more accessible to general users..

Binance Coin

Launched in the year of 2017, Binance Coin or BNB for friends, groups 1% of the market's transactions with a value close to 200 million BNB. The main characteristic of this cryptocurrency is who is behind it, a highly prestigious international brokerage house known as Binance.

Present in the Asian markets, these coins were created as a way to sustain and support transactions within Binance itself. . This cryptocurrency quickly gained popularity, which is why it began to be accepted by new exchanges and brokers in the Asian market.

Bitcoin Cash in the Market

It could be said that Bitcoin Cash was born from a unique event in Bitcoin known as the Hard Fork which refers to the division of the Blockchain into two main branches. This division arose because of a conflict in which the Bitcoin network did not know how to solve scalability problems.

➡️ The new currency emerged as a response to this disagreement by implementing important changes such as a greater ability to avoid network saturations. Similarly, a new algorithm was included to adjust the difficulty of mining the Blockchain. . Additionally, the Replace by Fee feature from Bitcoin Cash has been removed.



➡️ Unlike other cryptocurrencies that base their value on Blockchain algorithms, Tether has a 1 to 1 parity with respect to fiat money. That is, Tether is backed by real money which keeps the value of the currency stable by eliminating the volatility characteristic of cryptocurrencies.

In short, if you have a Tether, it will be backed by 1 dollar or its respective fiat pair, which can be Euro or Pound. Compared to other types of cryptocurrencies, Tether has been stable in recent years making it an attractive option for investors seeking security.

Link of the chain

Abbreviated as Link, This cryptocurrency is a decentralized system of oracles which have behind a technology based on the Ethereum Blockchain . This system is one of the most innovative due to the fact that it manages to integrate information beyond the Blockchain.

The main characteristic of these oracles is that they manage to integrate information from sources such as the real world (Offline) and other external sources with the Blockchains through API. In this way, it is possible to make the Blockchain also serve for the management of other things such as plane tickets, it has even had collaborations with Google and the SWIFT system.


➡️ Although Cardano groups less than 1% of the market's operations and already has 3 years in the market, this cryptocurrency has arguments to attract investors. One of them is that it is in the top 10 of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

This cryptocurrency is arguably the most advanced of all and that it integrates a highly technological Blockchain built in multiple layers. In addition to its multilayer Blockchain, it also has a new algorithm which reduces energy consumption by mining them, as well as the commissions generated by their extraction.

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