Financial news in Spanish: 2023📊

✔️ Information reviewed and updated in February 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

Being informed is very important, since knowing what are the trends and outstanding news of the day to day will not only allow you to know what is happening, but will also give you tools to make decisions. Although this applies in any field, in that of finance and business it gains more relevance.

Finding the right information can often be difficult, especially since most of the news comes from English-speaking countries like the United States. That is why here we will tell you more about 7 pages of financial news in Spanish.

▶ Yahoo Finance

Although as a search engine it has lost popularity, as a website for finance Yahoo is still one of the kings. And is that its platform focused on money-related topics such as news and reports is a great tool for experts in the field.

Since 1994, Yahoo Finance has been one of the most popular and trusted financial media outlets.. In addition, it has a premium version which gives you access to graphics and information on more than 100 indicators, which improves the access and quality of the information.


▶ Rankia

For those who are looking for a reliable, quality website that is a crack, Rankia is undoubtedly one of the best options. Here we can find a large amount of information with a focus on the Spanish-speaking market both in Europe (Spain) and in Latin America and the United States.

Many users consider that Rankia is undoubtedly the hive of financial information, since here you will find a large amount of data, news, trends and more. You can learn everything you want about Forex, about future markets and many, many more data.

▶ Investing

If what you are concerned about is the security and trust of the medium, then Investing is the best option. Here you will find a very reliable website with lots of data and easy-to-read articles, and best of all, entirely in Spanish. Among the most used topics we have stock news, charts, futures, currencies, indices, cryptocurrencies and even notes in real time.

Unlike Blomberg and Reuters, Investing was born with the objective of offering users premium information for free, targeting novice investors instead of professional investors.

▶ Financial Diary

Founded in Chile back in 1988, this platform covers news mainly from Chile and Latin America. In addition to showing you these notes on regional finance, it also has an international section. In this way you can have greater access to data and financial news information.

Here we can find a good amount of free and easily accessible financial information with notes and trends. We also have another option, the premium, which will allow you to access information and resources of much more value. The subscription price is arguably affordable and well justified.

▶ The Financier

This newspaper focused on the world of money and finance is undoubtedly one of the best Spanish-speaking media on finance. Based in Mexico and with alliances such as Bloomberg and the New York Times, El Financiero has all the information you need, as well as showing you news, business reports and even opinion articles.

The large amount of information and the many news items that it offers, as well as its simple and straightforward design, will give you all the data you need.  As if that were not enough, access to this newspaper is free.

▶ The Financial Country

The most widely read newspaper in Spain, El País, also has its own section on finance, business and the economy.. The news written here is intended to be very easy to understand, as well as being a medium in Spanish, there are no translation errors.

Here we have very broad coverage, which covers from national news as well as international news. Take into account that a good part of the articles are opinion pieces in addition to that recently El País has begun to implement charging policies for certain types of content.

▶ Europapress

Founded in 1939, this private news agency aims to offer objective information, without any political tinge or opinion.. The scope of this news agency is not only local, like Spain, it also has information on the European market and the world market.

One of the great advantages of Europapress is that it has more than 500 professionals who focus on writing very high quality articles. In addition, within this website we find different news items which are divided, in turn, into different geographical regions.

▶ How to know if a medium is reliable?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions among finance-loving readers. How can I find a news website that is reliable? Well, here we will tell you 3 common elements that most reliable media meet.

  • Updated content: If you look at the dates of its last publication and this is from 2014, then that medium is not updated so it loses relevance and confidence. A medium that publishes updated content, without letting a long time pass between post and post, reflects the concern to generate valuable content.
  • Cite sources: Using sources, which are trustworthy and relevant, is another way that a news website can demonstrate that it is trustworthy. Here we can find different types of quotes such as referring to another medium, a company or an expert. You can even follow those quotes to get to deeper content.
  • Behind the news: Finally, you should know that the person, author, company or medium behind the news can influence its quality. If you read a medium from a company known to be unreliable, that medium loses credibility.


About the Author: Pedro Martinez Gonzalez

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About my studies: I studied at the University of Salamanca for a Degree in Economics and then did a Master's in Finance in Madrid.
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