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✔️ Information reviewed and updated in February 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

Following the news closely is something that we should all do as keeping up with local, national and world events is very important. Within the world of finance, money, and business, information is the foundation of everything. Here we will tell you about 7 pages of financial news in English that you should know.

Since it is known by all that the majority of information, trends and knowledge come from the United States, United Kingdom, Europe or China, since these countries have control of most of the market.

✨ How can I know if a blog or a website is trustworthy?

To find out, keep these points in mind:

  • Updated content: The first thing you should look at is the date of the content, This is because recent content is much more reliable than old, outdated or old content.
  • Sources: Using trusted sources makes content inherently trustworthy. Using references such as experts, recognized pages or companies is the best way to show that a website has reliable information. Another way that sources can be used is by citing organisms and data.
  • The editorial: Another important point to take into account is the editorial line, since content can often be biased by political ideologies. That is why it is very important to know if there are political overtones behind the published information in order to guarantee that the information is reliable.
  • Company: Finally, take into account what is behind each website or each blog. This is because many times there are companies that endorse the content, which can influence its objectivity or quality. There are both good companies and unreliable companies.


✨7 pages in English about financial news to follow in 2022

  1. CNN Business

Without a doubt, CNN is one of the most important pages when it comes to news and information. This news chain has, in turn, its own division focused on business as well as finance and economic issues.

One of the great advantages of CNN Business is that it not only has a website with a wealth of information and excellent journalists. We also have the option to view other types of content such as videos or TV shows, as well as opinion pieces.

  1. Bloomberg

Considered the financial medium par excellence, Bloomberg is undoubtedly one of the best pages to find all the news and information you need. As one of the largest chains in the world for business, Bloomberg offers the best firsts and high-quality information.

Here you can consult all kinds of information, from news to trends and analysis by the experts that Bloomberg has. This medium, in addition, has branches and alliances in all parts of the world so its information coverage it is practically global, not only limited to the United States.

  1. MarketWatch

A subsidiary of Dow Jones & Company, MarketWatch is one of the top-ranked websites on equity issues.. This allows this platform to access a greater amount of information, as well as to have first-rate sources in the fields of business, finance and economics.

Among the options offered by this website, we find the option to access business news, data analysis and other stock information. Another outstanding tool is the ability to track share prices on the main stock exchanges.

  1. The Wall Street Journal

Founded in New York City more than 100 years ago, The Wall Street Journal is undoubtedly the place to go if you are looking for information of the highest quality. The main topics covered by this newspaper range from the stock market and its shares to companies, public finances and even news and research.

The reach of The Wall Street Journal is enormous, reaching almost the entire world. Most of the readers of this newspaper are experts, although there are also beginners. The cost of reading this medium is $ 20 to $ 40 per month.

  1. Investopedia

Regarded as one of the oldest finance websites in English, Investopedia is a great option to inform you about business and money. Proof of this are its more than 2.5 million active users each month.

Here we will find a wealth of financial information such as analysis on financial stability, as well as data on companies and basic financial indices. What's more, It includes a series of Features as its simulators, although to use them you must be registered. It also highlights its academy section for beginner users or those who want to acquire more knowledge.


  1. this is money

For those who are looking for a reliable medium that is a crack and, also, easy to read and young, this is the option. This is The Money has all the information you are looking for in one place with a wealth of content such as articles and videos.

Among the items they offer we have information on currencies, companies, stock exchanges, stock market and even real estate, in addition to including analysis and expert opinions. Of course, the only bad thing is that This website is focused on the UK exclusively.

  1. Barron's: Financial and Investment News

Owned by Dow Jones, one of the largest brokerage houses in the United States and the world. Barrons is one of the most important pages in the economic field of the USA offering content that is updated week after week.

Although the cost of the subscription is $ 14 per month, it will give you access to one of the main financial publications on Wall Street and the United States.. In addition to accessing all the blogs and information, you will also be able to read their highly accurate financial reports and analysis.

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