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Consuming content is very important, as it helps you increase your knowledge and thus improve your skills. Today there is a large amount of content such as a podcast that is easy to consume, since we can find it on many platforms.

This is a perfect example, since it is a type of radio or audio program, which stands out for being a format rich in value and relevance. Listening to a podcast about finances should undoubtedly be one of your New Year's resolutions, that's why here we will tell you which ones are the best.

➡Radio Intereconomy✨

Based in Madrid and founded in 1994, this podcast is one of the most traditional in the world of the economy focused on Spain. Its format perfectly executed by the businessman Jesús Gasulla makes the quality of the content unsurpassed.

Its more than 49 thousand listeners endorse this podcast as a great option in terms of quality and style. In addition, the topics to be discussed are very good, since they talk about closing markets, foreign exchange market, eco-management, investment school. The best option to listen to them on your website, although they are also broadcast on radio stations in Spain.

➡Let's talk about Trading✨



The world of Forex and Trading is gaining more and more strength as an investment mechanism. That is why this podcast is undoubtedly a great option that you should not miss.

Its host, Alba Puerro, has 7 years of experience in the world of Trading, in addition, makes frequent collaborations with other podcasts such as Radio Intereconomía. Another great reason to follow this podcast is the topics it covers such as: forex chart candles, swaps, Fibonacci management, scams, and more.

➡Pills of knowledge✨

Although this podcast is relatively young in the market, since it was launched for the first time in 2018, it does have a good track record. To his credit we find 48 chapters which have a duration of between 1 to 2 hours, depending on the topic.

The topics discussed here are varied, since they can range from simple concepts such as myths about the world of investment, to more complex topics such as business analysis.. To be able to listen to this podcast you just have to enter the iVoox platform.


➡Newbies Trading Club✨

For those who are starting in the world of Trading we have this podcast which is led by Uxío Fraga, operator of financial markets and also an entrepreneur who currently leads two blogging projects focused on making users know this world better.

In this podcast, different concepts related to Trading are toldFor example, how to get started or how to choose a broker to do it. Tips and experiences are also provided to help build trading strategies. This podcast is available on both Spotify and iVoox so you can listen to it anywhere.

➡Vox Markets Podcast✨

If you speak English, then this podcast is definitely a great option. Directed by Justin Waite, this podcast developed in the United Kingdom is promoted by a company which is in charge of operating different companies within the United Kingdom stock market, giving it the necessary experience.

His extensive experience, more than 20 years in the market, give him the prestige and sufficient knowledge to lead the conversation on these issues. Each program lasts one hour approximately once a week, in addition to that on Mondays a program is launched with the 5 things you should know to start your week.

➡Planet Money Podcast✨

Created by NPR, the famous US radio company, National Public Radio, this podcast has all the information you need to learn more about the world of finance.. It is disseminated through the Google Podcasts platform.

In this program, all kinds of topics related to economics are analyzed, for example, finance, politics, loans and more. Each of the episodes of this podcast is handled by experts in each subject, which makes their development much more pleasant and enjoyable.

➡Fintalks ✨

Within this list we also find a Latin American candidate, Fintalks, a podcast developed in Chile which is sponsored by Fintual, a fund management company which is regulated by the Commission for the Financial Market of Chile. This gives you enough prestige and resources to gain relevance.

Each of the episodes of this podcast last no more than an hour, plus they are published once a month, approximately. Fintalks topics are very varied, as they cover topics such as market projections, finance in Chile and Latin America, entrepreneurship and interviews.


➡Value investing FM✨

In order to generate more impact, this podcast follows the principle of targeting a market niche. In this way, Paco Lodeiro and Adrián Godás focused on creating a podcast that talks about the Value Investing investment mechanism.

Here, you can learn more about how to invest in the long term under this modality, in addition to getting tips that will allow you to get started in this world if you are a beginner. The themes are very varied, in addition to the chapters being entertaining and available on two platforms, both iVoox and Spotify.

➡Podcast of bag with the Pacos✨

Who said that learning to invest in the stock market must be boring? In addition to the many books that you can find, we have this podcast which is responsible for making the learning process much easier, enjoyable and, above all, more fun.

Throughout the chapters of the Stock Market Podcast with the Pacos, you will learn basic and important concepts about the stock market. You will also be able to develop your own strategies and learn everything you need so that, at the end of the season, you can invest in the stock market. To listen to it, you just have to go to Spotify, iVox or Apple Podcast.

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