Awards that every good broker should have🏆

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The awards are not only a reward for the effort, work or creativity and quality of a person, a team, a company or an institution. The awards are also an endorsement for those who win them by demonstrating that their value offering is not only authentic, it is superior to that of the market.

That is why knowing the most important and popular prizes in the world of brokers turns out to be essential in your search for the best broker. Here we will tell you what are the prizes that every broker must have yes or yes to be the best.

✨ Why are prizes important to brokers? ✨

  • Validation: The first thing you should know is that Awards help validate brokers by showing that they not only meet market standards, but exceed them to be considered in these awards.
  • Safety: Another point you should know is that the awards help support a broker as a safe and reliable institution. Who would you trust the most? A broker that has won an international award from a regulatory body or a broker registered in some tax haven.
  • Recognition: Of course, everyone loves having a recognition, diploma or award hanging on their wall. For brokers, winning a prize turns out to be a rebirth of their effort and constant work to offer the best to their users.. In addition, these awards help them to gain much greater prestige in the market.
  • Greater reach: Finally, you should know that having a prize as a broker represents a launch point for promotional campaigns. And it is that using a broker as a message to attract new users can be a good way to boost this platform in new markets.


✨ Who grants them? ✨

You must know that prizes can be awarded by almost any institution, it can be a newspaper, a regulatory body, a web portal or a site specialized in broker analysis, trading, etc.. So the reward options are really wide.

Take into account that the prestige of the award comes from the prestige of the one who grants it, since there are prizes that are delivered fraudulently or simulated, as well as by organizations that are not independent but are sponsored by the same winner. For the award to be valid, it must be endorsed by a prestigious institution.

✨Awards that the best brokers want to have✨

  1. rankia

Based in Spain, Rankia is a website specialized in the world of business, finance and money in general. Founded in 2003, this is one of the most important Spanish-speaking broker sites.

His award has only been 3 editions, although it enjoys great prestige, since it is awarded to the best brokers. To do this, Rankia uses some variables such as market presence, interest and opinions of users during the last twelve months, prices, among others, to choose the winners.

  1. Global Banking and Finance Review

This award located in England is awarded by one of the most prestigious magazines in the United Kingdom. Launched in 2011, 1 year after the magazine's opening, this award stands out for recognizing companies and institutions with excellent financial practices.

Some of the award-winning categories are: Binary Options, Asset and Wealth Management, Exchange Traded Funds, Best Customer Service, Investment Management. They also reward companies that stand out in the sector of financial innovation, investment strategies, achievements, financial growth, among others.

  1. Forex Awards

This website founded in 2010 has focused on analyzing the broker, as well as helping to make binary and currency trading more equitable. Following this line, Forex Awards has created an award which seeks to recognize the best brokers in the market.

One of the criteria it uses is user comments, since they are in charge of choosing the best agents in this segment. When conducting surveys and voting, Forex Awards empowers users by giving them much more voice and vote instead of just focusing on expert opinion.

  1. Online Personal Wealth Awards

This platform aims to offer an award that you recognize to those brokers with the best practices and operation. In addition, they have more than 50 categories which are awarded, although of all, the most prestigious award is: Best Global Wealth Provider.

To choose the winners, this platform uses different evaluation methods such as expert analysis. Although here, what has more weight is the opinion of users who participate in polls and votes so that they choose the winner who really deserves it.

  1. World Finance Foreign Exchange Award

Again we find an award based in England, which is backed by a long time in the market and one of the best online finance magazines in the whole of the UK. Its more than 230 years of experience make it one of the most prestigious awards for Broker.

The categories that are awarded include company achievements, innovation, relevant ideas in the financial field and also best practices. The selection of the winner is done with great care by a panel of experts such as journalists, financiers and economists.

  1. Fx empire

This award, awarded in Israel, stands out not only for being one of the few awarded outside of Europe, but also for having a different approach. And it is that, although it rewards the best practices, this platform does so from the point of view of the clients, rewarding the continuous effort to improve the quality of its service.

Its award has 9 categories in which more than 20 thousand users participate to choose the winners through a generalized consensus. These include awards such as: include, the most innovative Forex broker, the most promising, the best CFD broker, the best Forex broker in the United States.


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