Telcoin: Everything you need to know

✔️ Information reviewed and updated in April 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

Telecommunications have become one of the most important pillars of technology as most innovations focus on this area, such as Telcoin. That is why it should not surprise us to see more and more changes in this sector.

One of the most promising seems to be the arrival of virtual currencies or cryptocurrencies to the telecommunications sector. Yes, although it seems incredible Telcoin seems to be the first indication of this function that could be very promising. There are even those who call it the next Western Union in sending money.

➡Meet Telcoin✨

Telcoin has come up with a clear proposal, to be the next platform and cryptocurrency in the world of telecommunications companies. And it is that its offer focuses on offering options to make payments, international transfers and other tools easily and quickly using its token and your mobile.

Based on blockchain technology, Telcoin works by using the Ethereum Blockchain. Similarly, Its cryptocurrency has the ERC20 Token as its main system, which is well known in the world of virtual currencies for its efficiency.

We could say that The objective of Telcoin, in the first place, is to allow the operation of cryptocurrencies from your mobile by including significant improvements to the system. Although this does not stay that way, since Telcoin proposes the inclusion of new tools such as the possibility of making payments, transfers or telephone recharges from its Blockchain.

Located in Tokyo, Telcoin is one of the promises in the world of telecommunications, at least from a payments point of view. This is because it is one of the pioneering projects to unite both the use of a cryptocurrency and that of a mobile payment platform.


➡Differences between Telcoin and other currencies✨

  • Real world applications: A perfect example of how a cryptocurrency must find real applications for today's world we see in Telcoin. While Bitcoin, for example, remains abstract and speculative, Telcoin already has tangible applications which make its uses real.
  • A powerful competitor: As well as looking promising as a virtual currency and payment processor with many mobile tools. Telcoin also appears to be a powerful competitor for dominant platforms in the money transfer market such as MoneyGram or Western Union.
  • Very low commissions: Another point in Telcoin's favor is the fact that its commissions are really low. If we compare this currency with others, we can see how its operating cost turns out to be more favorable for users, since the commissions charged are even more competitive than those of Western Union.
  • Control over currencies: To ensure the stability of the coins, this platform has created a progressive release of them. In this way, it is expected that little by little all the TELs will be released at a rate of 5% each year over a period of 10 years.
  • Transaction capacity: This point directly involves two competitors, Ethereum and Bitcoin. The Ethereum blockchain, compared to Bitcoin, is faster and has a greater capacity, which indirectly makes the Telcoin Blockchain much faster, efficient and, above all, better than Bitcoin.
  • Exclusive features: Compared to other cryptocurrencies, TEL offers exclusive functions, as it includes options such as Cryptosphere Roaming. Similarly, it is expected to add tools such as virtual currency payments for tourists from around the world. Also, refund support is expected for users.

➡What is its operation? ✨

The operation of Telcoin we could say, is divided into three parts, the first is that of the Blockchain, the second is that of the Telcoin APIs and the third part is in an external infrastructure, where the allies in telecommunications come in.

Thanks to the Ethereum Blockchain and its token, we have the necessary bases to carry out financial transactions and operations. The Telcoin API allows you to integrate, through a series of software codes, the different parts. This is how the Blockchain is communicated with the users and the rest of the infrastructure that makes up this platform.

On the other hand, we have the infrastructure of a third party which is responsible for providing services such as integration with banks and mobile platforms. Similarly, the internal infrastructure becomes a pillar when looking for scalability, as well as integrating different mobile operators.

The Token distribution model is simple. Telcoin sends the tokens or virtual currencies to the operators, while they are in charge of distributing them to the users. In this way, TEL relies on the operators as a kind of intermediaries between TEL and the user.

➡How have the TEL coins been released? ✨

As with many of the relatively new virtual currencies, Telcoin is not available for mining. And it is that a percentage of these cryptocurrencies were put up for sale during their public financing, while another part will be gradually released in the market.

To have TEL coins you can use the main exchanges in the market. This is because many of the main exchange houses in the world have this type of cryptocurrency available. Thus, having your own TEL is easier than you might think.


➡Is it worth betting on Telcoin? ✨

The short and simple answer is yes. This because Telcoin and the way it integrates communications, technology and cryptocurrencies seems to be more than promising. It is enough to remember the prominence that these sectors are having in the world today.

We recommend that you follow Telcoin closely, as their plans are more than ambitious and packed with promising features and benefits for users. That is why staying on the sidelines and expectation can be a great decision so that the moment this cryptocurrency is 100% validated, go for it.

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