Tron: Everything you need to know

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No, here we will not tell you about the famous Disney movie, with futuristic special effects and the wonderful music of Daft Punk. Here we will tell you how a non-profit organization like Tron, the film's namesake, can change the internet and cryptocurrencies.

That's right, we will tell you everything you need to know about Tron and its unique proposal which seeks to say goodbye to data monopolies. And it is that, if we realize, platforms that before we believed free, little by little are becoming places with centralized powers.

➡Meet Tron✨

Tron is a platform specially designed to offer a sharing environment for creators of digital content and online entertainment.That is why the non-profit organization, named Tron, has created its own cryptocurrency which they named Tronix.

The basis of the entire project is found in the use of decentralized software which has an open source code. This software, in turn, uses the Blockchain as a way to support the project and operations by integrating P2P networks for the direct connection and interaction of creators with users.

An example of how Tron wants to decentralize the internet is in the operation of platforms, for example, a gambling casino. And it is that by switching from PlayStore to Tron, you will not only pay less commissions and reduce costs for your users. It will also allow them to have full control of your private information.

Tron pursues two clear objectives, on the one hand, it has the task of promoting its coin which they plan to use by specializing in the entertainment and content environment. On the other hand, Tron seeks to offer a data processing solution with a secure platform that truly provides privacy.


➡The secret behind Tron✨

It is worth reflecting on Tron, since, although This platform shows its desire to decentralize the internet, it seems that it really just wants it to pass into other hands. And it is that by focusing on being the only platform for the use of cryptocurrencies in entertainment, the opposite would be achieved.

In addition to the monopoly potential that Tron has, the technology that this platform has is very similar to what we have already seen in the market so it is not 100% native. Of course, Tron has important allies from Asia who support the project.

➡Differences between Tron and Bitcoin✨

  • Focus: While Bitcoin focuses on a purely monetary environment, that is, investing and generating profits, as well as using it as a payment method. Tron has a focus on content, as it is designed to encourage online entertainment.
  • Transaction speed: Another important difference, according to its creator, is in the speed of transactions. This is because Bitcoin can process 3 to 6 transactions per second, Ethereum about 20 while Tron would reach 1,200 per second. Something never seen before on these platforms.
  • Amount of coins: The mining process on Tron is not possible as all possible TRXs have been created since the inception of the platform. Of the 100,000 million that were created in the beginning, so far only 65 billion TRX has been released to the market.
  • Blockchain: Finally, you should know that Tron is based on the Ethereum Blockchain, as well as its coin, TRX, uses the ERC20 Token. Both technologies are optimized for operation with micro transactions, in addition to allowing operation with Ethereum. This is not possible with the Bitcoin Blockchain.

➡Technology behind✨

The first thing you should know is that, in terms of Blockchain, this platform operates the Ethereum blockchain. Similarly, its system operates the ERC20 Token, although the main difference is in its optimization to perform micro transactions and improve its speed.

The distributed storage infrastructure that Tron uses allows users to access entertainment content anywhere in the world and without using a third party. This makes the operation more private and even anonymous, since this way you should not sell your data to access content.

The content management system implemented allows developers and content creators to operate without paying commissions for it. In addition, those users who support and finance projects receive as a reward Tron coins, that is, TRX. This is because the platform operates as a free platform.

Another feature of Blockchain optimization is that it allows adding multiple Blockchain blocks to the chain. It can also be operated through so-called smart contracts which include other currencies. In addition, it is possible to save information about apps to make their operation more efficient.

➡How can I use my tokens? ✨

Something you should know is that currently Tron tokens or coins are not accepted as a form of payment. This means that they cannot be used for transactions beyond those authorized within the same platform.

Although you should not be discouraged, since it is expected that in the coming years the TRX, Tron cryptocurrency, will gain relevance in the market. We will soon see it as an option for the payment of entertainment, as well as its use as a form of payment within some video games due to the important alliances that it has on the doorstep.


➡Where can I get TRX? ✨

You must know that It is not possible to mine Tron cryptocurrencies, this because their issuance is controlled and it is no longer possible to create more. Of course, you can buy them or get them as a reward for funding some entertainment projects on the platform.

To buy them, all you have to do is look for one of the most popular exchanges on the market, since this currency is offered here. Exchange Houses usually offer different types of pairs to get your TRX, the most common are ETH and BTC, as well as fiat money USD, RUB and KRW.

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