Waltonchain: Everything you need to know

✔️ Information reviewed and updated in April 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

Blockchain or blockchain technology has great potential to be used beyond cryptocurrencies, as is the case with Waltonchain. And it is that its design allows a good amount of information to be stored within the chain, allowing it to be easily accessed by the network.

Waltonchain is a solution that arose from this premise, of using the Blockchain beyond the simple production of cryptocurrencies. That is why here we will tell you what Waltonchain is about and how this company plans to revolutionize the digital world for companies and consumers.

➡What is Waltonchain? ✨

Waltonchain is a platform based on Blockchain which integrates a series of tools and functions. A perfect example is its cryptocurrency, that's right, it also has its own coin, called Waton Coin or WTC by its abbreviation in the official system.

The Waltonchain structure operates through a hybrid system which uses blockchains together with radio frequency identification technology.. This with the aim of improving the monitoring of products in the supply chain, in addition to allowing the identification of bodies and entities in real time.

Imagine you want to track your product, with Waltonchain you will know how to follow it from its production to its shipment or storage in warehouses. This solution is designed so that users have more information about the origin and management of their products. As well as so that companies can exercise better control over their production and logistics chain.

The information is stored in the Blockchain, which guarantees its security and also its access at all times. On the other hand, and Through the use of special chips, information and an identification ID are added to the product which is read by RFID technology.


➡The advantages of using Waltonchain✨

  • Technology integration: Waltonchain is not limited only to using blockchain technology, it also manages to integrate new technologies to its operation. We see a perfect example in the use of radio frequency identification, as well as its potential to be integrated into the internet of all things.
  • Anti-hacking: In order to prevent theft of your tokens and user information, This platform has put great effort into the development of security technology. That is why we can find different cyber security measures to avoid hacking and data theft.
  • Potential as a solution for companies: While the use of Waltonchain as a form of payment is still limited, it is gaining popularity as a solution for companies. This is due to the fact that there are more and more companies interested in the use of this platform as a form of logistics control.
  • Closed coins: Finally, You should know that the amount of coins available in the market is fixed, so all the available ones have already been produced in their entirety. Of course, not all have been released as this is planned to be done progressively over time.

➡Technology behind✨

If there is one thing that makes Waltonchain stand out from the rest, it is the way the technology is integrated through unique software. This software manages to integrate the Blockchain or data chain as a form of information storage and radio frequency as a form of data collection.

Waltonchain has its own data chain which ensures better control over it, in addition, it uses a hierarchical structure together with transactions in the parent chain. All within an environment governed by an asymmetric encryption algorithm.

Thanks to the use of RFID technology Waltonchain is capable of establishing connections between virtual space and real space, the day-to-day. That is, it manages to create a bridge between Waltonchain and its blockchain and the products that we see in the warehouse or store.

The gas in charge of bringing Waltonchain to life is its Walton or WTC token. This is used to attract future investors, pay dividends to investors, as well as provide personal loans, among other tools. In short, this platform broke the fourth wall achieving an integration between the real world and the physical.


You must know that Waltonchain cannot be mined, this because all the coins that could have been generated have already been created. During its ICO, or financing period, around 100 million were created, which is the top of virtual currencies.

About 70 million of the 100 have been released, while the rest will be released little by little as time passes. In general, mining is not so necessary considering that the goal of Waltonchain goes beyond operating a simple cryptocurrency to generate money and profits.

➡How can I get them? ✨

Since you cannot mine them, you should know that you cannot get Waltons through this process, so you must resort to buying or exchanging them.. Although you can do it with a private individual, this is certainly not recommended, since it is not always reliable.

The best option is to go to one of the exchanges operated by Waltons, which are varied and include the best exchange houses. Of course, take into account that you can only exchange your Walton coins for pairs of other currencies, not for fiat money.



➡What is the potential of Waltonchain? ✨

Without a doubt, in Waltonchain we can find a glimpse of what the future will be, since in this platform we can see a great way to solve real problems. Just imagine using Waltonchain to track your merchandise from when it leaves the factory until it reaches the warehouse.

That is why it is said that Waltonchain broke the fourth wall, as it managed to create a tool capable of using the Blockchain for real applications beyond creating a cryptocurrency.. This makes the growth potential of Waltonchain undoubtedly quite large and promising.

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