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In this section We will analyze the FINMARK FX broker. Is Finkmark FX a trusted broker? We will not only analyze the broker's website, but also user comments, reviews, and the reputation that the broker has on the internet.

Finmark FX is a forex broker based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and on its website we have not been able to find the year it was founded, nor the relevant regulation or registration of the broker, which is already a bad sign, about everything that is not clearly spoken of regulation.

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Now we will go on to analyze the different types of account that the broker offers.

In this case, we note that the broker offers three different types of account, the Standard Account, the Plus Account and the Pro Account. We will start with the characteristics of the Finmark Standard account: the minimum initial deposit is $ 1.000, it has leverage of up to 1: 400, has an ECN type execution. It is followed by the Finmark Plus account type: minimum initial deposit of $ 5.000, also has 1: 400 leverage and ECN-type execution, although in this case there is a personalized analyst, support, education, analysts and account manager, unlike of the Standard account type. The last type of account is the Finmark PRO type account; the minimum initial deposit is $ 10.000, the leverage is up to 1: 400 and the execution is ECN type as well, it also has a personalized analyst, 24 hour support, personal account manager, analysts and education.

It should be noted that all accounts operate on the MetaTrader4 platform. Here are even more specifications about the types of account in case you want to go into more detail.

Finmark FX account types
Finmark FX account types

Now yes, we will analyze the website of this broker. In this case we will analyze the broker's website in search of help and resources to the trader, it is normal for a broker to offer different aids and tools of interest to traders.

Finmark FX website
Finmark FX website

In the case of Finmark FX among the different tools for the trader, we find for example; The economic calendar, the currency converter, also have an education section, but it is not possible to access it if one does not have an account with Finmark FX, so we cannot specify what is in that section. They also offer a forex glossary. What we found curious about Finmark FX is that they also have a blog, with topics related to the world of finance and forex trading, it looks interesting.

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Other information about Finmark FX

We will leave you some more information in case you want to contact the broker, or see their website for yourself.


Phone number: +44 (0) 2036084199

Email: [email protected]

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Ending with this section, in our opinion Finmark FX broker is not trustworthy, due to the lack of relevant information on its website (such as regulation) and its reputation in various internet sources. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

July 2018 update: Due to numerous messages from clients mentioning problems with the withdrawal of capital, we do not recommend FinmarkFX

What is your opinion? Have you traded with this broker? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote, you can also leave a comment on our website.
caution possible broker scam

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What do you think of Finmark FX? What has been your experience?

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91 comments on «Finmark FX: Rating and Comments»

  1. Uriel Reply

    Thanks friends for the information, thanks to you I was able to recover a large part of what was lost. The only solution I found after months was mychargeback so I am very grateful.

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Uriel, Great !!!, Thank you very much for warning, we are very happy that you have achieved it, now be careful if you invest again, check the brokers before trusting one, here we have almost all of them.

      For others who want to get their money back, they should try talking to our chat or click on this link:

      If you want to see our ranking of the recommended brokers 2021 click HERE

      Greetings and good luck.

  2. Gabriel C Reply

    Hello!!! I have read all the comments. I ratify each one of them. I have been scammed and I have lost a lot of money. Néstor Díaz was the contact who later started working with BrokerStars. Be careful with these people, they are very skilled at convincing you to invest with them. The first down payment is to make a good profit with a small investment, then they insist that you deposit more money and there they disappear.
    It is impossible to withdraw the money. Although the account in MetaTrader4 is still operational and I can continue to trade, there is no more FINMARK FX. It is regrettable that there are these types of criminal organizations and the international authorities do not do anything about it. With the globalization of communications they can make fortunes and disappear like nothing. Those of us who start in the world of the trader to obtain some extra money in addition to our work, fall into this deception and lose the few savings we had. I need help and advice to see if I can get some of my money back. Thank you!

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hi Gabriel, thanks for sharing your experience with Finmark FX, do you remember how you came to find them in the first place? We are very sorry for your situation. Any information you have about your experience with the company would be helpful to us.

      Well, to recover, as you will see in the comments, you are not the only one with this problem, being an unregulated broker it is very difficult to do something (for this reason we always recommend working only with regulated companies). As we mentioned in another comment, perhaps it is best that you contact the regulator of your country, the CNV.


  3. Wando Eustaquio Ferreira Reply

    I, Wando E. Ferreira, made three deposits, one of $ 250, $ 750 and another $ 1.750, with the proceeds, I have $ 4.555 in my account with the Finmark brokerage. My contact was Mrs. Laura Duarte who was the manager of my account, she called me on whatsapp every day, suddenly she stopped calling me, I had no more contact with anyone, I phone and nobody answers, I send email and nobody answers, I totally lost the contact the brokerage. I do not know what to do, I am afraid of losing my money, I ask that if there is someone to help me, I thank you very much, thank you very much.

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Wando, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Finmark FX… Can you tell us more about your experience with this company? Do you remember how you came to find them?




    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hi Antonio, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Finmark FX… Can you tell us more about your experience with this company? Do you remember how you came to find them? For an advertisement on the internet perhaps? Do you have names of people with whom you had contact? Email addresses?

      On what to do, being an unregulated company, because little can be done, for this same reason we always recommend only working with regulated companies. From which country do you come from?


  5. Wando Eustaquio Ferreira Reply

    eu Wando, Brasileiro, fiz 3 deposits um of 250u $, 750U $ and another of 1750U $, how you earn it in mnha conta a brokerage 4555,00U $, only that I do not bind them every day, more depois to Mrs. Laura Duarte parou to flirt me. e eu is tempting to contact finmark with no attention to me or answer my emails. I don't know what to do, I was afraid that it would help me very much.

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Wando, please write in Spanish friend.

      Thank you.

  6. Javier Reply

    Hello, it is a company of scammers, I invested with them and three weeks they called me and everything was going well, they told me to deposit more money to operate better and earn more
    but later they no longer communicated and did not respond to emails ...

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hi Javier, thanks for your comments, it's really a shame what you mention. Do you remember how you came across Finmark FX in the first place?


    • manu Reply

      https // is the new trademark !!!! pass the data

      • Recommended Brokers

        Hello Manu, thanks for the information, we have already done the InvestingFM review.


  7. german amaya Reply

    They are a gang of thugs, they pressure you with supposed stimuli and market opportunities to double your money. Later they opened a purchase operation with 15 lots on Facebook knowing that this stock was going to collapse and they let me lose my money. Later they contacted me telling me that they had charged me all my money again but with the condition that I will deposit 10000usd more. Obviously after all this, I no longer fell for his lies.
    They're a pack of thieving motherfuckers

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello German, thank you for sharing your experience with Finmark FX with us… Do you remember how you came to find them?

      A greeting.

      • german amaya

        Unfortunately, I didn't know how to contact them, but they contacted me on my cell phone and tricked me. I fell into their clutches for an asshole. Definitely the fault is mine for believing in pregnant birds


    FINMARL FX is a criminal organization, it cannot be called otherwise, dedicated to scamming. I was one of two of his victims. Don't let them steal your money

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Mauricio, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Finmark FX with us… Do you remember how you came to find them?

      A greeting.

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