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In this section we will tell you why we think Giambrone is safe. We analyze the website, we observe every detail and we examine the main characteristics that are taken into account when choosing a good broker such as the location, the company to which it belongs, its regulation, its reputation…

A pocas palabras WE SEEM A SERIOUS AND RECOMMENDABLE COMPANY. Below we will show you essential information about Giambrone and we will tell you why we reached such a conclusion:

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Basic Information

🌐 Websitegiambronelaw.com
🏠 CompanyGiambrone & Partners LLP
Regulationnot regulated
📧 Email[email protected]
📈 LeadingMetaTrader4 (MT4)
📌 AddressItaly

Giambrone is owned by Giambrone & Partners LLP, the company is located in Italy. The broker is regulated by the regulator FSA.

Account types

Now we will analyze the types of accounts that Giambrone offers, in this case, we observe that it does not offer types of accounts.

Information on the web

Giambrone's website

Giambrone provides a basic explanation of the financial products it offers, an educational section, glossary, asset index, market news although in English, alerts, not much more than this.

List of phone numbers

  • Italy +39 02 9475 4184
  • United Kingdom +44 (0) 207 183 9482
  • Spain +34 932 201 627
  • Tunisia +216 7186 0856
  • Germany +49 (0) 89 3803 5332

Giambrone's final assessment

Finally, and in a few words, our recommendation is: Giambrone is a safe company.

After conducting an analysis of the company in question, it seems reliable to us: it provides access to a large number of investment opportunities, it has a modern platform, and the support is excellent.

The company also provides a large number of very interesting resources for people interested in the world of investments. We recommend you take a look!

The company also offers the possibility of opening a DEMO account and currently has different promotions, you must contact them to find out about them.

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News about Giambrone:

Date Update – news
October 2022Apparently they are a serious company, we cannot confirm it but we have not noticed signs of scam either. We ask people to share their experiences with this company.

User Reviews

What do you think of Giambrone? What has been your experience?

What is your opinion? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote. You can also leave a comment about your experience with Giambrone.

At the end of the review you will find customer comments.

How to Claim Money Scammed by Giambrone

How to Report Giambrone


Is Giambrone a scam – is it a scam?

In our opinion it is not a scam, we have not been able to detect signs of scam.

Is Giambrone trustworthy?

Yes, after our analysis we believe that it is a reliable and reputable broker.

How can I open an account with Giambrone?

Here you can To open an account with them.

How to denounce Giambrone?

If you have any complaints against this broker you can write to them in the support of their website, we also invite you to leave a comment in this review.

How to claim money from Giambrone?

If you want to withdraw your money from Giambrone, you just have to contact them, through support they will guide you to make the capital withdrawal.

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2 comments on «Is Giambrone a scam? Opinions of 2023»

  1. MJ Reply

    Do you trust them? Thanks.

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hi MJ, thanks for your comment about Giambrone. This broker is considered a SCAM. We suggest NOT sending money, they lie to rob you, the operations are fictitious, the money is never crossed with the market, they simulate it and in the end they mark you and say that you lost everything and they keep it.

      If when you request a withdrawal, they ask you for more money to pay commissions, taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Never do it! It is a clear warning that you are a client of a fraud broker and even if you pay, they will never return your money.

      All the information you provide about the company will help those affected by this broker, explain in detail how everything happened, what advertising you saw, the name of your advisor, numbers, emails from which you have been contacted, etc.

      To get your money back, talk to our CHAT or fill out the Form at this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY


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