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In this section we will analyze the IFC Markets broker. Is this broker recommended? Is it worth investing with this company? We will analyze the broker's website for several key points to determine if it is a trusted broker. We will also search the internet about its reputation in search of opinions from traders and clients of the company.
We want to highlight that the broker has different web pages for different regions, for example, it has a Mexico version, a Spain version, and a Colombia version. So we will take characteristics of all versions for a global opinion.

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IFC Markets is a CFD and Forex broker. The broker is based in Cyprus and the British Virgin Islands, the broker is licensed (not regulated) by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission. The broker "opened its doors" in 2006.

Now we will analyze the different types of account that the broker offers us. The broker offers 6 account types, 3 with each platform, as it offers accounts with the popular MetaTrader4, and with the NetTradeX platform, developed by IFC Markets.
With this in mind, we will start with the NetTradeX accounts. The first type of account is the Standard account, it has a minimum initial deposit of $ 1000, a leverage of up to 1: 200, the minimum order volume is 10.000 units, it also has a market news line service. This is followed by the Beginner account; with an initial deposit of $ 1 to $ 3000, leverage up to 1: 400, minimum order volume of 100 units, and also includes the market news line service.
We will now continue with the accounts using the MetaTrader4 platform. We will start with the Standard account, it has a minimum initial deposit of $ 1000, a leverage of up to 1: 200, a minimum order volume of 0.1 lots and includes the market news line service. This is followed by the Micro account, with a minimum initial deposit of $ 1 to $ 3000, a leverage of up to 1: 400, a minimum order volume of 0.01 lot and also includes the market news line service.

Here is an image with more specifications about the types of account, in case you want to go into more detail.

IFC Markets account types
IFC Markets account types

As we mentioned earlier, it is possible to use two platforms different with the broker, NetTradeX (platform developed by IFC Markets) and MetaTrader4.

Now we will go on to analyze the broker's website in search of resources and help for traders.

IFC Markets website
IFC Markets website

Some of the resources that we find on the broker's website are, the trader's calculator, they also provide seminars, also news of the financial market and financial analysis and about the stock market.

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Other information about IFC Markets

We will leave you some more information in case you want to contact the broker, or see their website for yourself.

Website: ifcmarkets.es (Spain version), ifcmarkets.mx (Mexico version), ifcmarkets.co (Colombia version)

Phone number: +44 20 7193 1740 (international), +34932200308 (Spain), +525584217401 (Mexico).

Email: [email protected]

At the end of this section about the broker, after analyzing its website and searching the internet for its reputation and comments from clients and traders, it seems to us that IFC Markets is reliable, although it is not regulated, so we recommend handling it with care.

What is your opinion? Have you traded with this broker? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote, you can also leave a comment on our website.

We leave a vote open so that traders and users can vote for the broker.

What do you think of IFC Markets? What has been your experience?

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16 comments on «IFC Markets: Rating and Comments»


    Hello, just note, that although Australian brokers are regulated and comply with the legality of their ASIC regulator, their execution is far from the brokers regulated by FSA AND CYPRUS, and can be a bit sloppy on many occasions. I must emphasize that if they go well for currencies, and they are cheap in currencies in areas and commissions. but only for currencies and nothing else
    good luck and greetings

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello Augustine, thanks for the information, you say that ASIC regulations are not as good as one of FSA or Cyprus?


  2. renron Reply

    I already have a lot of trading experience with this broker. And I have no complaints about it, as I have traded on MT4 and NetTradeX and both platforms have worked without fail, the latter even has its advantages. The geworko method is an excellent opportunity to effectively manage your funds.

    • Recommended brokers Reply

      Hello Renron, thank you very much for sharing your experience with IFC Markets with us, best regards.

  3. trade Reply

    I have already had an account with this broker for a couple of years. I have been to MT4 and Nettradex. Both terminals work seamlessly and excellently. Withdrawals do not take long and there is a good affiliate program, but for now I do not promote it, it is only in the plans. In general, the broker is not bad at all.

    • Recommended brokers Reply

      Hello Treda, thank you very much for sharing your comments with IFC Markets with us, best regards.

  4. yilli Reply

    Well, I do not know, it is a normal broker as such in which you can operate and for lovers of the exotic is the geworko. I trade on MT4 without problems, the last withdrawal I got a couple of days ago. Nobody interferes in my operations, with quotes everything is fine too, and well, you can do everything as you want.

    • Recommended brokers Reply

      Hello Yilli, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us, greetings.

  5. jembro Reply

    I do not want to praise the broker since it is normal for him to comply with all his obligations, but I do not want to criticize him either, as it would not be fair. It is just a good broker from which I have obtained what I expected. What I needed was a good performance, a good and fast withdrawal of funds, as well as adequate support, and it really is what it provides.

    • Recommended brokers Reply

      Hi Jembro, thank you very much for sharing your experience with IFC Markets with us. All the best.

  6. lupito Reply

    I also operate with this broker, and although I cannot say that I manage to raise large sums of money, there is a profit, but the important thing is that the broker brings benefits. By the way, regarding the withdrawal, I did it through different payment systems, everything works normally and without delay, of which I can only be happy.

    • Recommended brokers Reply

      Hi Lupito, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us.

  7. Mark Reply

    It is one of the first brokers that has not made me angry or disappointed. I have been with him for a little over a year now, I regularly use his analyzes and forecasts that have come true frequently. I would also like to refer a little to the support, because it really does work well, and they helped me solve a complicated issue. And as for the terms, well, all very well.

    • Recommended brokers Reply

      Hi Marcos, thank you very much for sharing your opinion about the IFC Markets broker with us, greetings.

  8. chomre Reply

    It is a very interesting company, and what I liked the most is that there is a good attitude towards customers and with decency. The money is also withdrawn quickly and without delay. The execution of orders is excellent, the quotes are those of the market, so if you want to operate.

    • Recommended brokers Reply

      Hello Chomre, thank you very much for sharing your opinion with us. All the best.

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