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In this section we will tell you why You should NOT invest in Immediate Intal. We analyze the website, we observe every detail and we examine the main characteristics that are taken into account when choosing a good broker to invest. What we found were not good signs.

Below we will show you essential information about Immediate Intal and we will tell you why we reached such a conclusion:

Basic Information

🌐 Websiteimmediateintal.com, immediate-intal.co and immediateintalai.com
🏠 CompanyDoes not mention company to which it belongs
RegulatoryDoes not mention its regulation
📧 EmailDoes not have
📈 Plataformown platform
📌 AddressDoes not mention his address

What is Immediate Intal?

To start, Immediate Intal is not a broker itselfRather, it is a website used by different investment companies to obtain information from all the people who register through the registration form on this website.

The data will then be sent to investment firms (usually VERY UNSAFE) to promote themselves using advertising very aggressively. Usually making unsolicited and very aggressive calls, inviting people to invest money to supposedly generate profits quickly and without any risk.

Sites similar to this one exist in abundance, so we help you detect them and avoid falling into scams.

browsing the web

Immediate Intal website

All these sites we are talking about share a certain similarity, a small presentation and a registration form at the beginning of the main page. There they invite the user to register by offering them a quick and easy registration, easy earnings and high returns, trying to appear as friendly as possible.

But if you go to the terms and conditions of use of the site you will see that they explain absolutely nothing about how they carry out the negotiations, what platform will be used or where we will deposit our funds or how insured they are. Nor will they say which company operates the site or where it is registered.

It is that they are not even companies registered and supervised by any regulatory entity, so we advise you to be well informed before entering data on any site similar to these.


Immediate Intal news:

Date Update – news
June 2024The company Immediate Intal was denounced by the regulator FSMA, Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority

User Reviews

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Final rating of Immediate Intal

In a nutshell, Our recommendation is: DO NOT INVEST WITH Immediate Intal.

It is a company that does not mention absolutely any tax data, according to customer messages, after registering with Immediate Intal they will begin to call you from different brokers and unregulated investment companies to encourage you to invest money (BE VERY CAREFUL TO WHO YOU GIVE YOUR INFORMATION).

In case of problems, it is most likely that the authorities of your country will not be able to do anything. As a client of this company you are unprotected!

Investing with unregulated brokers or brokers based in such countries is very risky. It is best to invest with a regulated broker, based in a serious country.

How to Claim Money Scammed by Immediate Intal?

If what you want is to know how to claim your capital, if you have been scammed, further down in the FAQ section you can find our advice.

How to Report Immediate Intal?

If you feel dissatisfied with the service provided by the company, and for some reason you want to report it, below, in the FAQ section, you can find the best way to report this company.


How can I report Immediate Intal?

This depends on where you are, you should go to the financial regulator in your country. Write us a comment on this review and we will help you.

Is Immediate Intal a scam – is it a scam?

Yes. We think Immediate Intal is Scam. We have received messages from clients who mention not being able to withdraw their capital, this added to other very negative characteristics of the company.

Is Immediate Intal reliable?

No. Immediate Intal is not trustworthy, it is a very unsafe company: a review of its terms and conditions reveals an alarming lack of information on how trading is handled, what platforms are used, where funds are deposited and how they are insured. Furthermore, it is not specified which company operates the site or its legal registration. These sites are not registered or monitored by any regulatory entity, which highlights the importance of doing your research before entering any data. In June 2024, Immediate Intal was reported by the FSMA, Belgian Financial Services and Markets Authority.

How to recover money from Immediate Intal?

If you want to know how to recover your capital, you can see it here. We explain in detail the process of recovering money from a scam company, step by step.

Are there (recommended) alternatives to Immediate Intal?

Yes, of course there are better and safer options! You can see here the brokers we recommend: ranking of the best brokers.

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