What broker do we recommend this 2022?

To make your task easier and save the time you spend looking for brokers to invest in, with the team at brokersrecomendados.com we decided to make a selection of the best brokers so far in 2022, these are recommended for their good prices, accessibility, investment platform and security.

What is the safest broker to invest? What are the requirements? What is the best broker?

Here are the 3 best brokers of 2022:

1. 🏆 BDSwiss: the cheapest broker (Latin America)

2. 🥇 Buck Zero: the cheapest broker (Europe)

3. ⭐ 4XC: broker with bonus for opening account (Latin America)

1.BDSWISS: the cheapest broker (Latin America)

BDSwiss website
BDSwiss website

BDSwiss is a regulated broker that trades Forex and CFDs on Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptos. It is owned by the company BDS Ltd and is licensed and regulated by the FSA to trade. It has become very popular during 2022 and is also known to be the sponsor of the DP World Tour Championship.

It is strongly committed to users and therefore offers a wide range of analysis and training tools that serve as a guide and make it a recommended broker especially for those who do not yet have enough knowledge to start. Taking the free course they offer, you will be able to operate easily on your own, and if you are still not sure, you can start by practicing with the Fictitious $10000 demo account that BDSwiss has available for you.

We have selected it for being a broker with 0 commissions and, in simple words, being the cheapest broker in Latin America.

Here you can read our full review on BDSwiss.

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Your capital is at risk. T&Cs apply.

2.BUX ZERO: the cheapest broker (Europe)

buxzero website
Bux Zero website

Bux Zero is an exclusive online broker for residents of Europe. It belongs to the Dutch company BUX BV and is regulated, authorized and supervised by the Netherlands Financial Authority of the Markets (AFM). In turn, the funds are protected by the DGS (Deposit Guarantee System) of the same country.

To operate with bux zero You must use its own platform, available in both web and mobile versions. In it you can find numerous products to trade: European and American shares, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs and CFDs on shares, indices and raw materials.

Registration is very simple and with only €50 you can start trading. The website has enough material available to guide you in your operations, it has updated economic news and a large amount of analysis made by experts in the field.

The favorable point that stands out is that presents the lowest commissions in the sector, and in addition, with your first deposit you will receive a free action and you will be able to participate in numerous promotions that bux zero offers. It is simply the cheapest broker in Europe.

Here you can read our full Bux Zero review.

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3. 4XC: broker with bonus for opening account (Latin America)⭐

4XC website
4XC website

4XC is an online broker that allows you to trade in the Forex market, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs, among others. It is regulated by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSA). 

It is a good option if you are looking for low commissions, since this is one of the characteristics that stand out to 4XC and also one of the reasons why it becomes more and more popular. Fast execution, to trade use the platforms MetaTrader 4 y MetaTrader 5, and also has a web version platform available.

The website has a super complete and recommendable education and training section. To help you make decisions, it offers a wide range of guidance materials such as an economic calendar, live price charts, up-to-date news on the world economy and expert analysis.

If you want to practice in order to put together a strategy, a demo account is available. 4XC account funds are guaranteed and protected.

4XC is offering bonuses for new customers, claim yours when you open your account! We can only say that it is an excellent broker, with excellent trading conditions and a very large number of financial products in which you can invest.

Here you can read our full 4XC review.

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What experience have you had with these brokers? Do you have any doubt? Leave us a comment in this section with your problems or doubts and we will gladly answer you as soon as possible!

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About my studies: I studied at the University of Salamanca for a Degree in Economics and then did a Master's in Finance in Madrid.

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        Can you give me information about capitalix, how safe is it?

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          Hi Barbara, you can read the review we have about this broker and comments here: Capitalix.


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      Hello josinei, thank you for your comment about Xpoken. This broker is considered a SCAM. We suggest NOT sending money, they lie to steal from you, the operations are fictitious, the money is never crossed with the market, they simulate it and in the end they mark you and say that you lost everything and they keep it.

      If when you request a withdrawal, they ask you for more money to pay commissions, taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Never do it! It is a clear warning that you are a client of a fraud broker and even if you pay, they will never return your money.

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      If you are a client, do not make more contributions, their only objective is to steal from you, they manipulate operations manually, they keep the money from when it reaches their accounts, it does not enter the market, everything is prepared for you to lose or make you lose your money to have the excuse to keep it.

      If you decide to withdraw and they request a ransom in the form of commissions, taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Never pay it! That's the warning, from that moment you have to know that you are a client of a scam broker and no matter how much you pay you will never see your money.

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      Hello Oscar, don't be in a hurry or let yourself be pressured, we are writing several reviews at the moment, we will put yours as the main one to assess this broker. do you know their website?


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    Hello I would like to know about https://client. fxwinning .pro/? FX WINNING

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      Hello Isabel, you can read a review and comments about this broker here: FXWinning.


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      Hello Marcela, it is the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations, which was created on February 8, 1957, it is the stock exchange for technological actions in the United States and uses the US dollar as its currency of exchange.


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