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✔️ Information reviewed and updated in February 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

Thanks to the world of cinema, human beings can have access to environments in which we would never have imagined being a part.

In this case, the high-level business sector is one of the worlds that attracts the most attention, mainly because of its eccentricities and how difficult it is to access it. That is why today we will make a list of our 10 recommended investment films.

Introduction to investing movies

There are plenty of movies out there about the world of investing and finance, telling various stories from different perspectives.

Some of them deal with the stories of the biggest investors, showing us how they were able to rise to the top and on other occasions, they also show the fall of the great tycoons of the investment world.

Although the main reason to see a movie of any subject is entertainment,

The best Wall Street movies allow us to see further, and become familiar with the world of high-level investing and finance.

Why watch investment and finance movies?

If you are passionate about profits, wealth and, of course, investments and finances, the essential films on investments will help you not only get acquainted, but also take the step into this wonderful world, acquiring the knowledge that they will lead you to obtain the Mindset necessary to build wealth.

It is important that we see investment movies for what they really are, fictional examples, so many of these events can have an air of exaggeration or even fantasy, so you should not get carried away by the 100% what happens in those films and have criteria to choose what is convenient to adopt and what is not.

Of course, the lifestyle reflected on investments is extremely attractive, mainly for novice investors, who are beginning to immerse themselves in this world, however, you must view this with caution.

Top 10 Investment Movies

Now yes, we will talk about the best movies about business and finance.

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

This film has one of the best director-actor duos in film history, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this film was released in 2013 and chronicles the life of controversial investor Jordan Belfort.

This film based on true events shows how the life of a Wall Street stockbroker becomes extremely extravagant and also falls into corruption and Illegal financial practices.

2.Wall Street

This film released in 1987 directed by Oliver Stone, is set in the world of Wall Street finance, starring Charlie Sheen, who plays Bud Fox, a stockbroker who dreams of succeeding in the investment sector.

However, the iconic role goes to Michael Douglas, who plays Bud Fox's idol in the film, Gordon Gekko, an investor who, due to his great charisma and high success, has become a true financial shark.

3. Margin Call

We will continue our list of great financial films with this film production released in 2011, which explores one of the events that marked the history of the investment world, the financial crisis of 2008.

Contrary to previous films that show the extravagance of the lifestyle of big investors, this plot shows the time period before the financial crisis, where a group of employees find critical information, which could lead to the collapse of the company during this time. .

The plot shows us how the protagonists must make decisions, despite the repercussions they can bring, due to the great economic loss.

4. The big trick

If you are interested in exploring the dark side of investments such as manipulation and illusion, this 2006 film directed by Christopher Nolan will be a great way to immerse yourself in this world.

Although the film is not about investments as such, we can see how the economic world is impacted by other areas, in this case, a magic trick.

5. The Big Short

This is the next of the movies we are going to talk about, released in 2015, where the real estate bubble that resulted in the 2008 financial crisis is explored.

With this film we will be able to explore the fall of the market, but with an entertaining touch, far from the drama of other productions that deal with the subject.

6. Inside Job

This film is also included in the financial crisis of 2008, analyzing what happened between Wall Street and the US government.

7.Rogue Trader

This is one of our recommended investment movies because it deals with how one of the biggest stockbrokers goes bankrupt, along with one of the biggest banks in England.


This movie released in 2011 starring Brad Pitt, shows how data and statistics can help build a powerful baseball team, especially by linking with parameters widely used in the world of finance.

9.The Social Network

While this movie isn't purely about finance and investing, the rise of Facebook helps us understand the growth of big business and how investors should be open-minded when a new tool comes along.

10.Boiler Room

Finally, this film narrates how the character Seth Davis falls into unethical behavior to sell over the phone, showing us the darker side of stockbrokers.

Conclusions and learnings about the world of investments

As I was saying, these films can be an excellent reference to immerse yourself in the world of investments and finance, however, you should not see them as a manual to follow, mainly because these films show the extremes of this world and above all, many times they fall into fiction.

However, if you can get an idea of ​​the most shocking cases throughout history, so that you can educate yourself and do more research on your own on these issues.

Tell me if you would like us to make a list of the five best trading movies, I hope you like this top movie about finance, and see you in a next article.

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