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Trading is a very popular activity in recent times, especially since young people are attracted to profit by buying and selling financial assets. If you want to know more about the world of trading today we will tell you What are the best trading platforms?

The best trading platforms in 2023

What are trading platforms?

A trading platform is a resource that will allow you trade in financial markets, all thanks to an Internet connection. These platforms consist of software that will help you analyze the market, observe its movements, see prices in real time and all the information that will allow you to decide if you want to open or close positions in your career as an investor.

Although the knowledge to invest is the most valuable thing in the world of trading, Choosing a platform correctly is essential, especially since it is the one that will offer you the information that you must know how to handle to the letter. 

Today I will tell you what they are the best platforms for trading and you can make your best choice, all depending on how comfortable you feel with it, and above all, how complete the trading platform is. 

Types of trading platforms

Before starting the comparison of the best platforms for trading, it is worth first analyzing what are the different types of platforms? Because each of them allows exclusive use of a Broker, or the possibility of operating in more than one.

The types of trading platforms are:

own broker

These platforms are developed by brokers, so they have exclusive use.

Examples of these platforms is IQ Option.

Multi Broker

There are also platforms that allow you to connect to different brokers, since they are not designed by a Broker itself, but are managed by an external company, so that they can be used in multiple Brokers by traders.

Best platforms for online trading

Once the different types of platforms are known, what follows is to tell you the characteristics of each one, so that you can see which one best suits you, based on tools such as real-time information, news, resources educational and technical analysis.

Next I will tell you What are the best platforms to do Online Trading:

TradeEu.com (Europe)

The first platform that we are going to talk about in this comparison of Trading platforms is tradeeu.com, a platform founded in 2007, which has changed its name, but is one of the most reputable and with the largest number of active users.

This platform is one of the best known worldwide, especially because they spend large amounts of money on marketing, even using artists of the stature of Alec Baldwin, a true figure in the business world in the United States.

One of the main advantages of this trading platform is its functionality and intuitive design, at the same time that it offers you information in real time and allows you to interact with other users.

Capitalix (Latin America)

This platform is used by operators around the world, thanks to its simple and interactive use.

It also has an ideal educational platform for Trading apprentices, who want to invest in financial markets, but need resources to learn.

Their videos, webinar and PDF make XTB one of the best trading platforms for beginners.

Trading View (trading platform)

In this comparison of Trading platforms we cannot leave TradingView behind, not only because it is one of the most widely used platforms worldwide, but it is also an excellent option as a means of information analysis, and also carry much more specialized technical analysis. being a good tool to create strategies and devise your movements.

What makes TradingView special and makes it one of the best platforms for Trading is that it also works as a Social Network in the world of investments, every day the trades share their experiences, and you will have everything within your reach. you need in one place like charts, indicators and prices.

ProRealTime (trading platform)

Now we will move on to this Trading platform, which has the main benefit of being a multi-broker, and as we saw in the types of brokers, you will be able to trade in several brokers using this platform.

Perhaps its limitation is that to work with real-time data, you'll need to use the paid version, but it's definitely worth it because it has more than 100 technical indicators and graphic tools that allow you to make decisions in a better way.

How to choose the best trading platform?

Now that you know what for us are the best platforms to do Trading, surely you are wondering how to choose the ideal one for you? 

As you can imagine, this is not an easy decision, but you can base yourself on the following aspects to make a good decision:

  • The first thing to take into account are the transaction times, since many times you will have to buy and sell quickly. In this case, you can opt for the demo versions and try for yourself. 
  • It is also important to take into account the commissions of each platform, since this will be directly linked to the profitability of your operations.
  • To know this, you can base yourself on the spread or differential charged by each platform.
  • It is also important to take into account the payment methods and the commissions that are charged for the deposit of funds.
  • Regarding commissions, you must also take into account the commission for inactivity of each platform.
  • If you are going to trade currencies, also look at the commission for changing pairs.

Which is the safest?

When reading this comparison of Trading platforms you are surely wondering which is the safest? However, there is no simple answer to this question.

First of all, you must take into account that the Broker of your choice is regulated by institutions hosted in countries with a certain credible legal status, this is an indicator that will help you know if the Trading platform you are about to use is safe.

Just as you are researching the platform, it is important that you also research the regulations and whether they are really legal.

All the platforms that we mention in this article are trustworthy, but you must be careful because regardless of whether the platform is legal or not, Trading is an activity that involves losses, so you must document yourself before operating.

Frequently asked .

  • What is the best trading platform?

Each platform has different characteristics and the best one will be the one that best suits your needs.

  • What is the most recommended trading platform for new users?

The one that brings you better ease of use, you can inspect it and choose the best one for you. Also choose the one that provides more educational resources. 

  • How to choose a trading platform?

You can base yourself on indicators such as price, commissions and the minimum deposit. If you want to familiarize yourself with the platform you can opt for a free or demo account.

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