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➡️ In this section we will analyze Meteor Trade (also called by the name:, is a broker of Forex and CFDs. Is Meteor Trade really recommended for making an investment? Or is it better not to invest with this company? ⛔ Is it a safe broker? Is a gotcha? We will help you determine it. ✅

Now, you can find the following: opinions about Meteor Trade ✅, claims, complaints 😡, experiences 📝, analysis 📊 of the most important characteristics of this company (updated 2022), and the most important: Is Meteor Trade ⚠️ a safe site? ⛔ Can we trust this company? ✅ Will we be able to withdraw our money? All this and more in this review about this investment company.

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️️ Essential information: Who does it belong to? Where is located? Is it a regulated broker?

MeteorTrade mentions being part of: Incendiary Group LTD.

❌ Regarding your location, the company is based in: Dominica

❌ If we analyze your fullfilment of security requirements, we note that Meteor Trade it does not have any type of regulation.

ATTENTION: Meteor Trade is a broker NOT REGULATED. ⚠

📌 Remember: the best option (and the safest) are the regulated brokers, since they must meet very strict requirements. Working with an unregulated broker is very risky. 📌



Account types | Investment platform


Now we go on to analyze the types of account it offers MeteorTrade, in this case, we observe that it offers 4 different types of plans. We will leave you an image with more information about each type of account.

Basic account: minimum initial deposit $ 250, market execution type, minimum lot 0.01, trading signals, welcome bonus.

Standard Account: minimum initial deposit $ 1.000, market execution type, minimum lot 0.01, trading signals, welcome bonus.

Classic account: minimum initial deposit $ 10.000, one click trading, market execution type, minimum lot 0.01, trading signals, trading strategy, welcome bonus.

Exclusive Account: minimum initial deposit $ 50.000, one click trading, priority execution type, minimum lot 0.01, trading signals, trading strategy, welcome bonus, account manager.

Meteor Trade account types
Meteor Trade account types

Here at the next picture You will be able to have more information about the types of account. Click here! to see the image in full size.

La platform to operate that Meteor Trade offers is: MetaTrader 5 platform.


Resources | Website


Here we will examine the different resources and aids for the trader that MeteorTrade provides on its website. We believe that the resources and help provided on the website can be a great point in favor of the broker.

Meteor Trade website
Meteor Trade website

MeteorTrade provides the following aids or resources to traders or interested parties: a short explanation about the services it offers, live charts, support, FAQ section, not much more.


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Another information about MeteorTrade


???? We will leave you something more than information in case you want to contact the company, or see its website for yourself. ????

🌏 Website: |

📞 Telephone number: does not have.

📧 Email: [email protected]

Maybe you wonder why we made a review on Meteor Trade. We make this review and assessment, because we receive different messages and comments asking for the reliability of the company in question. We like to think that our reviews page help investors, providing key information about the company, we disclose information that every investor should know before you are inclined or not, by investing with a company of investment.

You're a representative of this company? We recommend you leave a comment responding to customer concerns.


Valuation on MeteorTrade

Ending with this section, in our opinion: Do we believe that the Meteor Trade company is reliable? Should you invest your money with the company? Are they a recommended company? ⭐ Analysis of 2022 ⭐

After reviewing it, we recommend be cautious, since it is a company clearly stated for taking money from people through deception and cheating. It is very little transparent, its headquarters is located in a recognized tax haven and further lacks all kinds of regulation (unregulated company). ❌

(I.e. A pocas palabras: It doesn't seem like a good idea, we suggest using caution. (I.e.

ATTENTION ⛔: in October 2021 FCA added to Meteor Trade to your list fraudulent financial companies, for acting without authorization. WE SUGGEST EXTREME CAUTION

➡️ Link to the ⚠️ FCA September 2021 warning

ATTENTION ⛔: in October 2022 CNMV added to Meteor Trade to your list fraudulent financial companies, for acting without authorization. WE SUGGEST EXTREME CAUTION

➡️ Link to the CNMV October 2022 ⚠️ warning

Medical Attention: the broker is associated with the brokers TradeUnion y InFluxFinance, they all belong to Incendiary Group LTD, a company with a terrible reputation. WE SUGGEST EXTREME CAUTION

ATTENTION!: in June 2022 ASF (Romania) added to MeteorTrade to your list fraudulent financial companies, for acting without authorization. WE SUGGEST EXTREME CAUTION

➡️ Link to ASF June 2022 warning ⚠️

Our advice: we always recommend working only with duly regulated companies, Isn't it better to have the protection of a good regulator? Is it worth the risk if there are much safer options to invest? Why invest with an unregulated or poorly regulated broker, when you can invest with a broker regulated by a serious regulator?



📌 Don't forget: one of the few measures that assure customers' money is the broker regulationIn other words, it is probably the most important feature of any broker; HAVE GOOD REGULATION. Good regulation means that there is a authority to which, in case of misunderstandings or problems, customers can file a complaint. 📌

What is your opinion? Have you traded with this broker? Are you a customer? Do you think our opinion is not correct? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote, too leave a comment on our website with your experience with this broker.


🔻🔻 We leave a vote open so that traders, clients and broker users can vote. 🔻🔻 


What do you think of Meteor Trade? What has been your experience?


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34 comments on «Meteor Trade: Rating and Comments»

  1. sofia.1 Reply

    The CNMV denounced them, be careful.

    • Reply

      Hi Sofia, thanks for commenting on Meteor Trade. This broker is a SCAM. The CONSOB (Financial Regulator of Spain) has already warned about them, due to fraud and not being regulated (See CNMV link). Do not send them money, they want to get as much money as possible with lies, the operations are not real, the money is not put on the market, they only show it and in the end they tell you that you have lost and they keep it.

      If to withdraw your money they ask you for more to pay taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Do not do it! It is a clear sign that they want to steal your money and they will not return anything even if you pay.

      If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.

      Do you have names of advisers, numbers, emails from which they have contacted you? Do you remember how you found this broker in the first place?

      To recover your money, try our CHAT or in the FORM of this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY


  2. mARTI-oslo Reply

    The Romanian regulatory body denounced them. WATCH OUT.

    • Reply

      Hi Marti-Oslo, thanks for commenting on Meteor Trade. It is currently considered a SCAM. The ASF (The Romanian Financial Regulator) has put an alert on them, for not having the regulation to carry out their activity (See ASF link).

      If you are a client, do not make more contributions, their only objective is to steal from you, they manipulate operations manually, they keep the money from when it reaches their accounts, it does not enter the market, everything is prepared for you to lose or make you lose your money to have the excuse to keep it.

      If you decide to withdraw and they request a ransom in the form of commissions, taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Never pay it! That's the warning, from that moment you have to know that you are a client of a scam broker and no matter how much you pay you will never see your money.

      To help other users or customers, provide as much information as possible, explain how everything happened, where you saw the advertising, who called you, numbers from which you were dialed, emails and everything that comes to mind.

      If you want to recover your money go to our chat or check this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY


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