In this section we will tell you why we believe MyChargeBack is safe. We analyzed the website, looked at every detail, and looked at the top features to consider when choosing a trustworthy money recovery company.

A pocas palabras WE SEEM A SERIOUS AND RECOMMENDABLE COMPANY. Below we will show you some essential information about MyChargeBack and tell you why we came to such a conclusion.

Here you can try the MyChargeBack capital recovery services.

Basic Information

🏠 CompanyCactil, LLC
Regulationdoes not mention it
📧 Email[email protected]
📈 Platformown platform
📌 AddressUnited States

MyChargeBack is owned by Cactil, LLC, the company is located in the United States.

Account types

We now move on to discussing the account types offered by MyChargeBack, in this case, we note that it does not offer any account types.

Account typesMinimum initial deposit
MyChargeBack is not a broker, it does not have different types of accounts.

Information on the web

MyChargeBack website

MyChargeBack provides a detailed explanation of how it works, including videos; It also offers several articles that are of great importance and it is worth knowing, it also has a well-trained staff that will not delay in answering all your questions in a professional way.

List of phone numbers

  • Europe: +32 25 88 8678
  • Australia: +61 (02) 9133 8659
  • Canada: 1-647-846-7120
  • United States: 1-646-980-3903

MyChargeBack Final Rating

Finally, and in a few words, our opinion is: MyChargeBack is a safe company.

After carrying out an analysis of the company in question, it seems reliable to us: it is a company that has been in the capital recovery sector for years and honestly, it seems to us to be one of the most reliable today. We have known them for years and we think they are a serious company.

If you have lost money with a scam broker or investment company, we really invite you to test MyChargeBack services.

They are great professionals and have an excellent team of experts!


News about MyChargeBack:

DateUpdate – news
At the moment we have no news to share.

User Reviews

What do you think of What has been your experience?

What is your opinion? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote. You can also leave a comment about your experience with MyChargeBack.

At the end of the review you will find customer comments.

How to Claim Money to MyChargeBack

If what you want is to know how to claim your capital, further down in the FAQ section you can find our advice.

How to Report MyChargeBack

If you feel dissatisfied with the service provided by the company, and for some reason you want to file a complaint, below, in the FAQ section, you can find the best way to report this company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is MyChargeBack a scam – is it scam?

In our opinion it is not a scam, we have not detected signs of scam.

Is MyChargeBack reliable?

Yes, after our analysis we believe that it is a totally reliable and reputable company.

How can I apply for MyChargeBack services?

How to recover my money from a broker or scam company?

We invite you to look at this section on capital recovery.

How to claim money with MyChargeBack?

If you want to withdraw your money from a scam company with the help of MyChargeBack, Here we'll explain to you how to do it.

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183 comments on «Is MyChargeBack a scam? 2023 Reviews»

  1. James Reply

    Hello, I am Chilean and I was scammed by Investby, I lost a fortune, they have no forgiveness from God because they spent 4 months telling me that I was going to recover everything and they had no compassion if I ended up bankrupt or lost my family. It has been Terrible, I have been living on bank credits and charity from relatives for more than 1 year. If you could help me recover some percentage I would be very grateful

    • Reply

      Hello Jaime, it is a pity that they have caused you so much pain, the money can be recovered. Thank you for your comment about Investby. This broker is considered a SCAM. We suggest NOT sending money, they lie to rob you, the operations are fictitious, the money is never crossed with the market, they simulate it and in the end they mark you and say that you lost everything and they keep it.

      If when you request a withdrawal, they ask you for more money to pay commissions, taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Never do it! It is a clear warning that you are a client of a fraud broker and even if you pay, they will never return your money.

      All the information you provide about the company will help those affected by this broker, explain in detail how everything happened, what advertising you saw, the name of your advisor, numbers, emails from which you have been contacted, etc.

      To get your money back, talk to our CHAT or fill out the Form at this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY


  2. Peter Abel Reply

    Hello, I was able to recover with mychargeback, thank you very much everyone for your support, the broker called "fxoro" had scammed me and I was able to recover almost all my money

    many thanks friends

    • Reply

      Hello Pedro, Great! We are glad you wrote, we are happy for your great achievement, we advise you to be cautious if you think about investing, research the brokers before depositing your money, put their name in our search engine and you will be able to read their review and comments.

      For others affected, talk to CHAT to get your money back or click on this link and fill out the form: CLAIM YOUR MONEY, WE HELP YOU.

      You can take a look at our ranking of recommended brokers 2022 click HERE

      Greetings and good luck.

    • Eduardo Reply

      Hello, and how did you get it back? And what country are you from?


  3. Jacob Reply

    Be careful when investing in online trading. They can be very cunning and extreme once they have your money. I was able to withdraw money from a scam broker with the help of mychargeback from CHAT or the form on this website, it worked for me

    • Reply

      Hi Jacob, thanks for writing, it has helped many of our users, to get your money back, try our chat or this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY, WE HELP YOU


  4. Luis Cortes Reply

    nice afternoon I have been scammed by ANTARES they have robbed me and assured that they will return the capital but I still do not see results in this regard does anyone know if there is any class action lawsuit against them?

  5. Paco Reply

    My experience with
    Please read. !

    I am currently getting started with mychargeback . Your comments would help me a lot. Thank you

    Minedollars is a scam. They recently closed the site (for me anyway). Long story short, I started like many with $100 and then slowly increased deposits over the last 4 months of use - I bought small contract plans for 3-7 days with "earnings" of about $200-300/day. decided to add another 6K on June 2nd and allowed myself to get sucked in even more by buying a $8500 plan 30 day contract $8160 return + $8500 equity (outrageous right?) I think this is a BTC2 plan

    Everything was going according to plan, with the return of my initial purchases little by little. It was a balancing act: I didn't want to have too much money in my pocket at one time. However, 3 weeks later it started to fall apart. I receive an email from customer service stating that my $8550 plan was an “upgraded” mining contract and required me to purchase four more contracts at $8500 each or my account would be frozen. It's an additional 34k or they would freeze. I spoke to “Benson”, if any of you know who he is for being in on this scam, and explained my case that nowhere in the contract description did it say I had to buy a total of 5 contracts. He then proceeds to show me where it was located. Of course, I swear I never saw that and I don't think he was ever there. The bottom line is that I change the terms.

    I'm sorry to say I was stupid enough to send you another 34k thinking I would unfreeze this and my funds would be available for withdrawal of about 85K sitting in my account all plans in total which I would finally be able to withdraw obviously that couldn't be further from the truth. To make matters worse, benson the chat guy failed to inform me that a 15% tax, derived from all purchases, both successful and overdue! purchases were due as of June 30. It was due to unfreeze the account. At this point my heart sank and I knew this was a scam despite once again being shown a snapshot of the site's terms showing that tax was due every six months. New makeup or changed at your convenience. That tax was equivalent to more than 18 K. And they requested it immediately. Again, at the time there is no way he would give them that amount of money. But as the days went by, they lowered the tax to get more money out of me and it was eventually reduced to 2K on which I sent the next day, July 3, 2020, to the site that got me shut down. As I mentioned above, I lost around 40 to 50K.

    ++** One last thing, if anyone can help me recover these funds, I am happy to share funds in recovering them. Although I realize that most, if not all, of these recovery services are scams. So if you are a hacker and willing to do this for me without any upfront payment, I am happy to talk to you, please contact me.

    • Reply

      Hi Paco, with Mychargeback you will be in the best hands. Thanks for writing about Minedollars. Currently this broker is considered a SCAM.

      If you are a client, do not make more contributions, their only objective is to steal from you, they manipulate operations manually, they keep the money from when it reaches their accounts, it does not enter the market, everything is prepared for you to lose or make you lose your money to have the excuse to keep it.

      If you decide to withdraw and they request a ransom in the form of commissions, taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Never pay it! That's the warning, from that moment you have to know that you are a client of a scam broker and no matter how much you pay you will never see your money.

      To help other users or customers, provide as much information as possible, explain how everything happened, where you saw the advertising, who called you, numbers from which you were dialed, emails and everything that comes to mind.

      If you want to recover your money go to our chat or check this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY


    • Salvador F. Reply

      Paco, hoping you are well, I'll tell you that on June 20 or 21 I contracted the services of MCB. Accordingly, in terms of results, I cannot advise you as to whether I have managed to recover my scammed money, since I am in the stage of preparing the cryptographic tracking report. What I can tell you is that you have good technical and advisory support, I would love to be able to tell you that I will get my money back, but so far I cannot assure you of that. However, rest assured that as soon as I know whether or not I was able to recover my scammed money, I will tell you about it by this means.

      One thing that I can advise you is to go to a psychologist and get medicated… it is a very difficult process, and very complicated to carry out…. Over time, everything becomes more bearable, but debts begin to drown you... and for this, you need to be mentally fit.

      Good luck friend, and I hope that we keep in touch by this means, I will be counting my progress and finally what will happen with my case.

      Greetings and a lot of strength Paco.

  6. Ivan Diaz Reply

    Hello, thank you all, I was able to recover with mychargeback a broker had scammed me, thanks, I was able to recover at least all the money I sent, thank you very much.

    • Salvador Reply

      Thanks for sharing your experience Ivana, give a little more hope. How long did it take you to recover, since you contracted the services of MCB? What kind of scam was it??…

      Greetings and thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Dori Reply

    Please I await your response, is Metaversesworld a regulated broker? They are asking me to pay the taxes to make my first withdrawal

    • Reply



    • Gema Lizeth Ramirez Mora Reply

      How long did it take you to get your money back?

  8. heriberto Reply

    Good morning, I have been scammed by two absystem companies and apparently dcmgroup, the latter told me it could help me recover what was scammed by the first company and now they don't answer me a month ago. Some reviews of these companies.

    • Reply

      Hello heriberto, you can read about the ABSystem scam HERE and about DCMGroup HERE.

      Both are scams.


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