Ranking of the 5 Best Pension Plans in 2023

best pension plans

✔️ Information reviewed and updated in June 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

If you want to invest in the stock market and obtain benefits, you must also think about what to do with them, so I will tell you an excellent alternative: save your benefits for your retirement with the best pension plans.

Capital Index

This financial institution offers a very attractive pension fund plan, mainly because this financial institution invests that money in a large number of financial instruments, diversifying the benefit options.

In this case, you will be able to save and accumulate capital to be able to use it during your retirement, and also, you have several pension options, with restrictions, regulations, or tax benefits attractive enough to get you a good bonus at the time of your retirement.

In this way, you will be able to generate assets passively, obtaining a return by being part of this fund.


We will continue with our ranking of investment funds, talking about this pension plan, which is provided by the Spanish financial company, which offers great financial advice thanks to its diversified investments, generating benefits that you can use at the time of your retirement.

One of the reasons why this retirement plan is very attractive is because the financial company implements powerful algorithms and mathematical models, in order to establish which are the best options to move capital and reduce investor risk.


This bank offers one of the most profitable investment funds, as well as being attractive, especially if you think about your future.

One of its attractions is due to its broad power at the international level, where you will have various investment options, from the most profitable in the short term, to less risky options, but with which you can diversify your financial instruments.  


The pension plan offered by this insurer is extremely attractive, if you want to see it as life insurance or long-term savings. You will be able to diversify your investments, reducing the risk, thanks to the professional advice of the insurer.


Finally, if you are thinking about which funds to invest now, this insurer offers you a great option to accumulate money for your pension, responding to the needs of each investor, which you can use to manage a totally personalized plan according to the needs and the advice from your financial professionals.

What are pension plans?

If you are looking for which funds to invest in now, one of the available options is to opt for pension plans, which are a financial product that generate additional income, which you can obtain at the time of your retirement.

As time goes by we are losing capacities and qualities, so it is very important to ensure your subsistence in some way once old age arrives.

You can achieve this with a pension plan, which will allow you to generate long-term savings, made periodically throughout your life when you are active at work, and which you can enjoy when you finish your productive stage.

How does the pension plan work?

The reason why pension plans find investment funds in the best ranking is because they offer a possibility of saving, in a way that you actually do, and you are not using that capital for other reasons.

If you want to know how they work, I will tell you below:

If you manage an investment fund as the owner, you must make periodic contributions, which generate an economic benefit, since the institution reinvests them in financial instruments such as: debt bonds, investment funds, shares, among other instruments, generating a return.

Although, these do not generate sufficient benefits as if you were managing them, generated passive income, saving money for your retirement.

The fact that an institution puts the money from your savings plan in more profitable investment funds guarantees that you will accumulate money beyond what you invested, making it grow and receiving it at the time of your retirement.

Pension plan or a retirement plan?

You will always have the option of opting for a pension plan, instead of using it in a retirement plan, but if you are wondering which funds to invest in now, it is important that you know the differences.

The pension plan basically implies that the money stored will be invested in financial products as I mentioned before, and one of its main characteristics is that you will have very limited access to the funds, you will not control them 100%.

On the other hand, the retirement plan can be much more versatile, since they work more like retirement funds, where you store enough resources to retire in the future, however, they do not offer as many benefits as a retirement plan. pensions.

Although the retirement plan can grow over time, the benefits are not so many, being the majority of the money that you enter at the time of retirement.

Frequent questions:

What are the most profitable pension plans?

To choose the most profitable pension plans, you must pay special attention to the institution where you are investing.
In this case, there will not be an interest plan as such, or a structure where the money you will earn is directly mentioned to you, rather, you should investigate the investment fund that offers you the pension plan, to choose the one that uses the best financial instruments.

What is the best pension plan 2023?

It is difficult to estimate which is the best investment plan for 2023, but without a doubt, some of the best options are: Azvalor Global Value PP, Magallanes Acciones Europeas PP and Horos Internacional PP.

How much does the Treasury withhold from the pension plan?

The money that the treasury retains as part of your pension fund or plan depends on each country, and tax regulations, but they usually range from 19% to 30%.

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