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In this section we will tell you if we consider that the company 3anglefx Is it a safe company or an unreliable company.

Read our full analysis to find out everything! At the end of the review you will find our opinion.

We analyze the website, observe every important detail and examine the main characteristics that we must take into account when choosing a good broker such as the location, the company to which it belongs, its regulation, its reputation. How secure is 3anglefx?

Basic Information

🌐 Website3anglefx.com
🏠 Company*Triangleview Investments Limited
RegulationRegulated by CySEC (Regulation 384/20)
📧 emailsupport@3anglefx.com – [email protected] - [email protected]
📈 LeadingMT5
📌 AddressCyprus
🕑 Website ageWebsite registered in: August 2019
Company typeCFD Broker on Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Indices

Company: 3anglefx is owned by Triangleview Investments Limited

Location: If we look at the location of 3anglefx, the broker is located in Cyprus.

The company mentions all the important information so that we can carry out the analysis correctly.

What is 3anglefx?

After having carried out an analysis of the company's website, we can say that 3anglefx es: a CFD Broker on Forex, stocks, commodities and indices

Account types

Having analyzed the 3anglefx website we observed that they offer: 1 type of account: the “Live Account”. It works with the MT5 platform, we will be provided with a dedicated account assistant and different (and many) trading tools, among other features.

Account typeLeverage

Information on the web

3anglefx website
3anglefx website

Here we show you a screenshot of the 3anglefx website, which is “3anglefx.com“. The capture was made in November of 2023.

Contact: telephone numbers and email

After having performed an analysis of the website:

– We have found the following phone number: +357 25 ​​322 330

– We have found the following email: support@3anglefx.com – [email protected] - [email protected]

*3anglefx regulation

We have analyzed in depth the current ⚖️ regulatory situation ⚖️ in which this company finds itself and we have reached the following conclusion:

3anglefx It is a broker that makes it clear to us that it is regulated by a European regulator. Its regulatory framework is very positive.

The broker clearly mentions being a company regulated by CySEC.

🚫 3anglefx final rating 🚫

As you can see, we have carried out a detailed and complete analysis of the most important features of 3anglefx and we have reached the following conclusions about this company:

Location: The company is located in Cyprus.

Regulation: is a company regulated by CySEC.

Security: The broker complies with all security regulations, it is a safe broker.

Complaints or bad comments: When analyzing the broker we can say that it has a really good reputation.

***Open account. We have noticed that the broker is offering a gift for new clients. Can open your account here.

3anglefx is positioned as an emerging broker that has gradually established itself in the competitive world of investments, standing out for its innovative and high-performance investment platform. Its presence in the market is distinguished by the remarkable results its clients have experienced, helping to build its reputation as a reliable and successful option.

One of the distinctive features of 3anglefx is its commitment to transparency and financial security. Being located and regulated in Europe, the broker offers an investment environment that transmits confidence and tranquility to its users. European regulation not only supports the integrity of the broker, but also provides investors with greater security in terms of the protection of their funds.

The 3anglefx investment platform stands out for its intuitive design and advanced functionalities that allow users to access and manage their investments efficiently. Customer service is another aspect on which the broker places emphasis, providing a personalized service to resolve doubts and provide advice, which contributes to strengthening the relationship with its clients.

Additionally, 3anglefx stays abreast of trends and changes in the financial market, constantly adjusting its services and offering investment opportunities that align with current economic conditions. This ability to continually adapt and update supports 3anglefx's vision as a trusted partner in its clients' financial journey.

Open account

3anglefx video review

Our video review of the 3anglefx broker.


News about 3anglefx:

Date Update – news
November 2023At the moment we do not have much more news about the company.

User Reviews

What do you think of 3anglefx? What has been your experience?

What is your opinion? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote. You can also leave a comment about your experience with 3anglefx.

At the end of the review you will find customer comments.

How to Claim Money Scammed by 3anglefx

If what you want is to know how to claim your capital, further down in the FAQ section you can find our advice.

How to Report 3anglefx

If you feel dissatisfied with the service provided by the company, and for some reason you want to file a complaint, below, in the FAQ section, you can find the best way to report this company.


Is 3anglefx a scam – is it a scam?

3anglefx is a great option nowadays.

Is 3anglefx a trustworthy company?

3anglefx is an excellent and very reliable broker.

How can I open an account? Are you offering any promotions or gifts?

The broker is giving new bonuses for new clients, here you can register and ask them. 🎁🎁

How to recover money from 3anglefx?

If you want to withdraw your money from 3anglefx, you just have to contact them, through the support they will guide you to make the capital withdrawal.

How to report 3anglefx?

If you have any complaints against this broker you can write to them in the support of their website, we also invite you to leave a comment in this review.

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19 comments on «Is 3anglefx a scam? Opinions of 2023»

  1. Fabian gold Reply

    They are reliable, I have had very good results with them. Thank you.

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hello Fabián, thank you for commenting on 3anglefx, any information is of great help to our users.

      If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.


  2. Emilia Reply

    Any reliable broker?

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hi Emilia, you can see the 3anglefx review here: 3ANGLEFX.


  3. Lola Reply

    This company made me $5000. thank you.

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hi Lola, thanks for commenting on 3anglefx, any information is of great help to our users.

      If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.


  4. John Reply

    I did not see the types of account they have, I mean if by market or instant

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hi John, you can check with them too. In some cases they did not have this type of operation at the beginning and now they have incorporated it.


  5. Alice Reply

    Is there a reliable broker that is based in Mexico? There are several that show on this page that they are "reliable" but their headquarters are in other countries and that there is no nearby place to file a complaint that is not on the other side of the world or in a tax haven makes me very suspicious, could you help me please?

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hello Alice, unfortunately, there are no 100% reliable regulators in general in Latin America, it is sad, but it is so, the most reliable are the FCA of the United Kingdom and the brokers with regulation in the US, also from the German Bafin, but still and so you have to be very attentive to people's comments, I think it is the best thermometer of whether a broker is reliable or not. You should know that there are brokers that have several regulations and use the one that suits them best depending on each market.


    • pillar fernandez Reply

      A magnificent experience called me one of their executives and the truth is that a good experience very well explained and detailed their procedures, at first I thought so and now I would not change the broker.

  6. David Martinez. no. Reply

    I would like to know in a more simplified way how to invest, manage my capital and the benefits I can obtain, thank you! mainly for this means thank you!

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hello David, I understand that if you contact them via email they will assist you to clarify any questions


  7. JJPerez Reply

    Thank you for the comments about the company, as I was interested in investing so I will analyze the review and see what I do. Thank you very much for the analysis friends.

    Good morning

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hello JJPerez, write us any questions, we are here to help.


  8. Diego R. Reply

    Hello, for the moment I am going super well with them, I have been a couple of weeks. Greetings.

    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hello Diego, thanks for commenting on 3AngleFx, any information is of great help to our users.

      If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.


  9. José Reply

    Good morning,

    I contact you because of what you write on your website about 3angleFX, I am not a regular reader of yours, I found it by chance on the Internet. I am a satisfied client of 3angleFX, I invest with this company and everything has always been and is fine. It is a serious company.


    • Recommended-brokers.com Reply

      Hi Anne, thanks for commenting on 3AngleFx, any information is very helpful to our users.

      If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.


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