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To recover money from a scam company, the first thing we must do is gather all the possible evidence that we want our money, that we have requested it from the company and they do not respond, or that they simply ignore our request for refund.

To move forward, we recommend you work with recovery experts; we invite you a try this money recovery service. Try the service in English.

What steps to follow to recover money from a scam

If you have been scammed by a broker (or investment company) and you want to recover the money, what you should do is request the recovery of capital with the recovery service that we offer. The professionals from this service will help you in the process, they will speed it up and they will accompany you in the communication with your bank or entity through which you sent the money.

Of course, there is the option of doing it on your own, but it is much more likely that the chargeback or capital recovery will not be successful, so we recommend doing it with experts in the field.

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How to recover money from a broker

To recover money from a broker it is necessary to know that there is a big difference (when recovering our money) between regulated and unregulated brokers. In general, recovering money from an unregulated broker is more complicated as the regulated ones must follow a series of guidelines and laws, the unregulated ones do not. In your case, are we talking about a regulated broker or an unregulated one?

Another important fact is to differentiate between the types of regulation; there are good ones (from countries such as Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, Poland, the Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, as well as Latin American countries; Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile) and there are bad ones (from countries like Seychelles, Mauritius, Romania, Estonia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, British Virgin Islands, Vanuatu – what we know as tax haven countries or islands).

If the broker has good regulation, the recovery process will be, in general, easier. These types of brokers follow at least certain guidelines and laws that protect their clients. It will also be easier for us to obtain data about the company behind the investment company.

The process, explained in a simplified way, is: gather all the evidence that we have been scammed, file a complaint with the bank or card issuer, payment processor or whatever service we used to send the money, usually bank or credit or debit card.

The money sent will remain, let's say paralyzed, until the bank, if it is the case, decides what to do with it based on the evidence we deliver. If it is proven that we were scammed, the money will go back and we will be able to recover it; if the scam cannot be verified to the bank (or relevant institution), we will not be able to recover the money.

How to recover money from an unregulated broker

Brokers that are not regulated, also called financial bars or unregulated brokers, are companies that, as their name indicates, do not have any type of regulation. They also do not have authorization to operate or receive your money.

If, for example, we go to the case of the United Kingdom, a broker that wants to work with clients from the United Kingdom must have the authorization and regulation of the  Spanish regulator, the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission). If the company does not have this regulation, we are talking about an unregulated (and illegal) broker.

Before explaining this method to rescue capital, the truth is that the ideal situation is that you realize that it is an unsafe company before investing and do not invest with it. Ideally, you should avoid investing in the first place, either because you notice something strange, something that does not convey security or for whatever reason.

How to get your money back from an unregulated broker

If you are in the situation where you have already sent money to the broker and you have noticed that it may be a scam, in our opinion, the best way to recover your money is with capital recovery experts: through this CAPITAL CLAIM service – CHARGEBACK. Try the service in English.

Simplifying the process, what you have to do is ask for your money from the broker or scamming company, we will surely be ignored, then contact the bank or card issuer and explain the situation, we sent money being cheated and we want it to be returned to us. We are victims of fraud.

The money, if we do everything correctly, will be "frozen" or "blocked" until the bank or issuer decides what to do. It is vital to prove that we were indeed scammed in order to get a successful chargeback.

It is worth mentioning that in this type of service time is crucial. Keep in mind that you will have a better chance of a successful Chargeback if you do not let a large amount of time pass..

How to spot an unregulated broker

So that you can recognize them more easily, some other characteristics of this type of broker (and in general companies that provide financial services without authorization) are:

  • They are based in little-known countries or countries, considered tax havens: Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bulgaria, Dominica, Estonia, Cayman Islands, Marshall Islands, British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, Nevis, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Seychelles, Vanuatu, to name a few of the most popular examples
  • They have regulation, but very little serious regulation: Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, Malta, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Seychelles, Vanuatu
  • They lie about their location or regulation
  • They do not provide key information about themselves: such as location, regulation, company they belong to
  • They harass their customers with calls
  • They ASSURE you that it does not matter if you do not have experience in investments, with their experts you will still earn money
  • They assure you that they have an automated system that will help you earn money
  • Pressure to invest
  • They are interested and intrude into details of your private life; they will try to forge trust and friendship with you
  • You signed up for an online form to receive information from a company and now many companies call you, with telephone numbers from different parts of the world offering you their services
  • They will encourage you to ask for loans or borrow money from family or friends
  • They promise very high returns in a short time
  • They want you to send money in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc)
  • They get upset if you ask about their regulation, location
  • They get upset if you ask about negative reviews you've read about them online

How to recover money from a regulated broker

If the recovery is done with a regulated broker we have more in our favour. We will have much more data from the broker and the broker must respond, at least in part, to the laws of the country where it resides. It is a big difference to a broker that, for example, lacks regulation and does not mention where it is located, to which company it belongs; all this makes the recovery task more complicated.

broker scam how to recover money scam complaint

Whether or not it is a regulated broker, the chargeback or money recovery procedure is also more or less similar: we have to start a dispute with the entity through which we send money. And we want that dispute to rule in our favour. For this to happen, we have to prove to the entity through which we sent our funds that we were scammed.


Personally, we receive daily numerous messages from clients of brokers or investment companies that, unfortunately, have lost their money based on lies, deceit and manipulation.

Every day we read hundreds of messages from broker clients who are in a very bad situation, and this really worries us. We always think of a way that we can help our website visitors.

Thus, we come today to have more than 8000 reviews of brokers from all over the world.

Here we have explained, in our opinion, the best way to recover money from a broker. We know that it is something extremely frustrating and exhausting, that is why we always recommend before investing, to investigate on your own, take your time, think it through and above all, invest money that you are willing to lose, since in the world of investments a large part of the traders lose their money, the majority.

Only a few, those with a lot of experience, can really make money from investments.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is Chargeback?

It is the return of an amount of money through a dispute or complaint (usually) initiated by the person who sent the money. 

What's the regulation of a broker?

It is the series of rules, measures and guidelines that a broker must follow, usually to protect their clients. The more serious the broker's regulation, the more protected their clients are.

What is an unregulated broker?

It is a broker that does not have authorization to operate, nor must it follow any type of rules or laws, which usually protect its clients or client funds. Unregulated brokers are high risk and we consider them to be unsafe.

How to know if a broker is regulated in Mexico?

It's simple, we must search the website, website footer or a section that talks about the regulation, the regulation number and the authority that regulates the broker. Then verify this on the official page of the regulator, in this case the Mexican financial regulator (CNBV).

What is a scam broker or boiler room?

It is a company, dedicated or related to the world of online investments that does not have any type of authorization or regulation to act, operate or receive money from its clients.

What does "pirate broker" mean?

It is a scam broker, usually unregulated (and not authorised to accept clients and do business), that cheats its clients and steals their money.

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