Fraudulent Brokers and Traders: Beware

✔️ Information reviewed and updated in February 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

While social media and the internet have come to revolutionize the way we communicate, work, and even invest, they have also exposed a huge security breach. Recently we have detected the appearance of fraudulent Brokers and Traders.

This thanks to the complaints of users, who report having been scammed by these people. And it is that the appearance of fraudulent users has not been long in coming. That is why here we will tell you everything about these criminals so that you avoid being a victim of this type of fraud.

➡Modus operandi of fake Brokers and Traders✨

Most of these scammers are people you don't know and have never had contact with. They contact you, sending you a message, to ask for the opportunity to tell you about a project.

Little by little they will gain your trust by telling you that they are financial advisers and that they can multiply your money. They will ask you to make an initial deposit and they will send you screenshots of how your money is generating, until one day you will have losses and They will ask you to deposit more money so as not to stay at 0.

When the time comes to ask for your earnings, they will put up many excuses such as problems with the platform, some kind of blockage or losses to not even pay you. Then, from one moment to the next, they will block you and stop responding to your messages and thus, you will have been one more victim of these scams.

Broker and traders

➡Features of brokers and traders scammers: ✨

Identifying a scammer might seem like a simple thing, as most share elements such as:

  • Lifestyle: Fraudulent brokers and traders will endeavor to show you their luxury lifestyle which they have achieved thanks to their "knowledge". That is why you will see many photos of trips, jewelry, cars, cash and other luxuries of a millionaire.
  • Followers: If you check the followers of these types of accounts you will see that most have the same common denominator, they are followed by bots. This is because most of his followers were bought from a Bot farm to give the false appearance of being "Influencer".
  • Ridiculous earnings: Another common element is that most of these scammers will promise to make you big money. That's how it is, they will offer you profits greater than 50% or even 100%, something that not even Jeff Bezos has seen in his life.
  • Complicated language: In order to make you look ignorant and them as experts, these people will use jargon or very complicated language with you. They will use words and concepts that not even they understand 100%, just to show you that they do know what they are talking about. They will show off what they don't have.
  • Model appearance: Finally, many share standards of beauty typical of a model. The objective, between the photographs of the luxuries, wealth, lifestyle and their physical appearance is to appear as successful people appealing to the projection that some people can generate.

➡How to avoid being a victim of fraudsters on Instagram? ✨

To avoid falling victim to these tricksters, follow these tips:

  • Official certificates: This article does not seek to generalize that all brokers on Instagram are fraudulent. Those that are honest and operate under the legal framework are registered before the law so they have official certificates.
  • Contracts: Contracts, when made with a company, are signed between the user and the broker as a company, not directly with an individual. Similarly, Verify that the contracts have the corresponding legal data such as the business name.
  • Never send money: Never deposit money with your broker, as they will not request money in advance. Before making a deposit, check that the broker meets all the requirements of the law. If he is an advisor, he will never ask for deposits, since he tells you how to invest more does not handle your money.
  • Be careful with the messages: If you have not requested information from a broker and traders, and suddenly you receive a message from a person who offers you these services, be careful. The modus operandi is to look for victims who allow themselves to be deceived by sending them messages without their having previously searched for them.
  • Check their profile: Another tip that you should take into account is to review the profile of the person in question. If you get a message from a broker, or you are looking for one, before replying or writing, visit your profile. So you can see if it meets the characteristics we mentioned above.
  • Ask for references: Finally, you can use forums and websites to learn more about that broker by asking for references about it.. You can even ask the supposed broker to send you certificates or documents that guarantee its legality.

Broker and Traders

➡What to do if I discover fake brokers and traders? ✨

The first thing you should do is verify that the broker or Traders is really false. If it meets the aforementioned characteristics, then it is likely that it is a fake profile. If, in the same way, he wrote to you and wanted to convince you, then it is probably fraudulent.

When you have verified that you are really facing a fraudulent profile, the next step is to report the profile. You can even take a screenshot and share it with your friends and contacts to warn them of the person and their potential risk of fraud.

➡What to do if I was a victim of fraud by a fake broker and traders? ✨

The process of reporting fraud online can be a bit difficult, but it is possible. The first step is to document all the fraud and collect the evidence, then you must go to the cyber police department in your city.

There, you will have to launch the corresponding complaint following the process stipulated by law. You will also need to contact a lawyer Well, in theory, the complaint would also involve the social network for allowing this activity, as well as the bank for allowing these fraudulent payments.

About the Author: Pedro Martinez Gonzalez

I'll tell you a little about myself! I am a financial analyst and economist with a master's degree in finance.
About my studies: I studied at the University of Salamanca for a Degree in Economics and then did a Master's in Finance in Madrid.
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  1. Patricia Reply

    Can you please help me with this page www., they recommended a trader from there, he says his name is logan max, but it seemed strange to me, he sends us a wallet address where he says to send him the cryptocurrencies and that he creates a space on that page where we could monitor the trading and make withdrawals whenever you want, which charges a 15% commission on profits.

    • Reply

      Hello Patricia, all that this page offers are pirate brokers, if you invest you will lose your money, be wary.


  2. joseph R Reply

    This company is not trustworthy. My husband was scammed, don't do it, you'll thank me later. Greetings.

    • Reply

      Hi José R, thanks for commenting on Fraudulent Brokers and Traders: Be careful. This broker is a SCAM. Do not send them money, they want to get as much money as possible with lies, the operations are not real, they do not put the money in the market, they just make it look and in the end they tell you that you have lost and they keep it.

      If to withdraw your money they ask you for more to pay taxes, fees, legalizations, etc. Do not do it! It is a clear sign that they want to steal your money and they will not return anything even if you pay. If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people by investing with this company.

      Do you have names of advisers, numbers, emails from which they have contacted you? Do you remember how you found this broker in the first place?

      To get your money back, try our chat or this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY, WE HELP YOU


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