As there are more and more traders, the offer of brokers has also increased considerably. With so many different brokers, several have emerged that are not worth investing our money in. Then, How does a trader select a good broker? It is likely that with so much offer, you cannot decide which one to choose.

Well, one of the most important points, one of the things that you should definitely pay attention to so as not to have problems when investing, or more likely, after investing with this type of company, is if the broker is regulated or not. To avoid this type of problem, and many others, we must select one with these characteristics.

Nor should you confuse that a broker is licensed, that it is regulated. We will try to explain this in the simplest way possible. A regulated broker is headquartered and controlled by the regulatory body of the place where the broker is resident. But nothing prevents it from operating in other countries. Let's say there is a broker from Germany, regulated by BaFin, after completing the necessary procedures, it will be authorized to operate in different European countries, such as Spain.

The problem is that if I have a problem with the broker and I'm in Spain, I still have to claim it before the German regulatory body. Taking this into account, the best option would be to operate with a regulated broker in the country where we reside. If we are in Spain, then look for a broker regulated by the Spanish CNMV.

We always recommend trading with properly regulated brokers, which in theory implies ruling out those from countries like Cyprus, Vanuatu, British Virgin Islands, or any small island that is a tax haven or that you didn't even know existed.

Why choose a regulated broker?

Un regulated broker it is one that is under the supervision of a legitimate regulatory body. The objective of this type of organizations is to prevent the broker from exploiting the trader, avoid abusive practices, fraud and deception, that is, protect the client. In general, the broker is controlled more, and its quality and practices are controlled.

The regulated brokers they must follow practices regulated by regulatory bodies. The unregulated, should not follow any practice, in case they do not want to follow it

If the broker is not regulated, we recommend you, at least, think twice before investing with this broker.

regulated brokers

How can I know if a broker is regulated?

Know if a broker is regulatedIt is easy, usually a broker, on its website it shows if it is regulated, it usually shows it in an attractive way, since it is something well seen in the broker market, it gives a certain guarantee and legitimacy. If you can't find it on the main page, you can look for sections on the web such as "about us", "why invest with this broker", "regulation", "safety of funds" or sections similar to these.

It is also normal for the broker to provide the registration number, so that one can search and see if it is really regulated or not. If you can't find it in this section, because usually brokers have a chat, or contact section, ask them.

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The lack of this type of information on their websites is a sign that NOT REGULATED, since, as we mentioned before, a broker is usually “proud” of its regulation, since it differentiates it from unregulated brokers, and makes the broker at a higher level than an unregulated broker, the regulation of a broker provides some security to the broker's clients.

Some of the most popular regulators are: FCA (Financial Conduct Authority, in the United Kingdom), BaFin (German regulator), FINMA (Swiss regulator), FMA (Austrian regulator), ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission in Australia ) and SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission, in the United States), CNMV (Spain), CONSOB (Italy), CMVM (Portugal), to name a few regulators.

Not sure about a regulator or your broker's security? Do you think it could be a scam? leave us a comment explaining your doubt or problem. We will reply to you as soon as possible!

About the author: Pedro Martinez Gonzalez

I'll tell you a little about myself! I am a financial analyst and economist with a master's degree in finance.

About my studies: I studied at the University of Salamanca for a Degree in Economics and then did a Master's in Finance in Madrid.

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  1. ttam Reply

    Can you verify yourself? Today after having withdrawn my money, I contacted this so-called trainer. I asked him questions that I hadn't dared to ask him before. He maintained that they are regulated by the msb of Canada. He clarified that there is no advertising about them because they do not need it, and they do not need to spend money for it, that he was an investor two years ago and that he realized that the platform depends to a large extent on commissions, so he spent money to set up a data analysis team and that you need more people to join your team. What do you think?

    • Reply

      Hello Ttam, it looks like a PONZI scam. Thank you very much for the information, we are writing the review and it will be available soon, these scams are designed to deceive unsuspecting people who believe everything they are told, you must always be attentive when it comes to finances and you cannot trust blindly In no one, these scammers manipulate social networks and create false forums in favor of them, to give a good image.


  2. ttam Reply

    The website is called bobole, look in the “about us” section where it says it is the cheapest digital asset trading platform in the world. It says among other things that it has obtained a CADENA license for the Canadian compliance zone since its creation in London in 2006. There is also a certificate of incorporation of a private limited company with the number 13848191 this certificate comes from companies house "My doubt comes from the little information that the "trainer" offers us since we make transactions strictly guided by him in a group of more than 3.000 people on telegram. According to him, he guides us to beginners because he receives %2 of commissions from each member in each round won, obtaining $30.000 in commissions every day. At the same time, he also offers us %2 commissions for each person we invite and if there are more than 5 people, he turns us into "ambassadors" giving us a $200 reward. I invested 300 dollars. Now I have 569 dollars, we never lose and if it happens, he guarantees us a refund if we follow his instructions exactly, because "it's win-win" now he pressures me to form a team or add more money to my account. I told him that I was going to withdraw all my funds tomorrow to show my friends and that they trust (lie) to which he replied to withdraw only a part and I repeated that my friends wanted me to withdraw everything to check. He told me to do it now, as I told him I wanted to do it tomorrow to be able to operate tonight, he replied that if I took out my money now it would reach my wallet in 24 hours, and that if I did it after operating it would reach me in 48 hours I already withdrew a small amount and it arrived in 3 hours. I have to transfer my amount to the balance app. He also dodges me questions about what kind of advertising he does since I mention having spent 3 million dollars on advertising and they do not appear on Google or on social networks.

    • Reply

      Hello Ttam, they are scammers, they only return part of your money to get money from your friends and continue adding the scam (so-called friends), we are writing several reviews at the moment, we will put yours as the main one to rate this broker. do you know their website?


      • ttam Reply

        https :// m.boboleubtc .com/h5/#/pages/mine/register?invite_code=DICAMS

        • Reply

          Hello Ttam, thank you very much for the help.


          • ttam

            Not for nothing, luckily I was able to withdraw all my money today and I entered my binance account (can they hack that wallet?) I feel that I was able to withdraw my money from that platform by deceiving the "coach", a certain Roslog girl, telling him that only then would people trust whom you invite But there are many Argentines and he says that he rewards them with $2 dollars if they give him notice of people who treat them as scammers. In addition, most of the people who operate in Argentine time at 21:9 p.m. do not even speak Spanish well, all those "people" celebrate him, thank him, almost praise him, and they are even forwarded comments with more than XNUMX views, they do not even notice it's. Too bad many people are going to get scammed.


            Hello Ttam, thank you very much for the information, we are writing the review and it will be available soon, these scams are designed to deceive unsuspecting people who believe everything they are told, you have to always be attentive when it comes to finances and do not You can blindly trust no one, these scammers manipulate social networks and create false forums in favor of them, to give a good image.


  3. Carlos Reply

    How to know if I can trust a broker not to be scammed since everything is handled through networks

    • Reply

      Hello Carlos, you have to analyze the web well, see if they are regulated, where their offices are, etc. etc., but it is easier for you to tell us the name and we will be able to tell you clearly if it is a scam or not. You can also write the name of the broker in the search engine on our website and if we already have a review you will be able to obtain information and comments from people who have worked or operated with the broker.


  4. Paulo Reply

    Good morning,

    I wanted to know if these operators are reliable:
    https://web. active4trades .com/

    Thank you very much

    • Reply

      Hello Paulo, about Universal you can read a review here: Universal Wealth.

      We'll review the other one as soon as possible, but I wouldn't trust anything from people who call you offering amazing returns.


    • Luis Hernandez Reply

      Hello, I want to know if the ASCENDING BULL broker is reliable or if they are scammers

      • Reply

        Hello Luis, if they are the typical ones who call you and pressure you to invest, I can already tell you that they are scammers, yes, at first they play nice to earn your trust, but then they ask you for more and more money and they end up scamming you everything you sent In any case, we will write a review to find out about them. Do you have the website?


  5. Clinton Reply

    Hello, I would like to know if Antrush is reliable.

    • Reply

      Hello Clinton, don't be in a hurry or let yourself be pressured, we are writing several reviews at the moment, we will put yours as the main one to assess this broker. do you know their website?


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