Exchanges of Latin America: The best

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Exchange houses are a fundamental part of the process of buying, selling and using cryptocurrencies. This is because, like a traditional exchange house, the Exchange focuses on exchanging a cryptocurrency for another currency, either digital or conventional such as fiat money.

Latin America has not been left behind in the world of cryptocurrencies, that is why we find more and more exchanges focused on bringing the world of Coins to this region. That is why here we will tell you which are the most popular Exchange in Latin America.

✨Exchange one: Bitso

Based in Mexico, Bitso is known for being the first Latin American exchange platform to be certified in Europe thanks to the Gibraltar regulation (GFSC). This allows users to operate with peace of mind knowing that the exchange is transparent and secure.

In Bitso we can find a large number of functions highlighting the most popular, the exchange, purchase and sale of currencies. You will also find the option to consult the market using Bitso Alpha. As for the pairs, here BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, BAT, GNT, TUSD, MANA, DAI are traded, as well as Mexican, Argentine pesos and dollars are accepted.

✨Exchange two: Gravel

Located in Argentina, Ripio is considered one of the main exchanges in Latin America, it has even been chosen as one of the technological pioneers in this field by the World Economic Forum. As for cryptocurrencies, it allows you to buy and sell BTC, ETH, ZEC, USDC, BCH, DAI, RCN, LTC, as well as to use Argentine Peso, Mexican Peso, Brazilian Real and Dollar.

Regarding the payment / withdrawal methods, in Argentina it allows the use of bank transfers, Mercado Pago or cash, in other countries it only supports Mercado Pago and the use of cash. The commissions vary according to the transaction and the cryptocurrencies or currencies used.

✨Three: Buddha

This House of Exchange in Chile has a unique approach, to ensure that the adults of South America can have access to the digital economy. Tools are offered here for both hobbyists and professional investors.

Supported by the government of Chile through CORFO and MINTIC (Colombia), This Exchange allows you to operate with the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC. In fiduciary money it only accepts bonds in Fiat, it is compatible with different currencies (Chilean, Argentine, Colombian Pesos and Soles), in addition, its basic commissions are low, on average 1.2%.


✨Four: Crypto Market

Crypto Market is focused on the world of security offering you the possibility of accessing more competitive financial services. This Exchange is registered in countries such as Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Estonia, which guarantees its access to the European market, as well as the safety of users.

Regarding cryptocurrencies, this Exchange House allows you to operate with the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH, XLM, EOS, in terms of fiat money, it has Chilean, Argentine, Brazilian real and euros. What's more, pIt allows making deposits and withdrawals by bank transfer (Depending on the country), Mercado Pago and credit and debit cards.

✨Exchange five: BitInka

Peru is not far behind, since This Exchange House has two services, both the Broker and the Exchange. One of BitInka's advantages over other local competitors is the fact that it has 64 pairs to trade.

Also here we find benefits such as secure transactions, fixed commissions and also, low usage costs. According to the same site, here we find the lowest commissions in the continental market, around 0.5% per transaction. Some of the cryptocurrencies used in this Exchange are: BTC, ETH, DASH, XRP, LTC, USD, PEN, ARS, BRL, COP, CLP, EUR, BOB.

✨Six: Volabit

Mexico makes an appearance again, this time with the Exchange Volabit which comes with a unique proposal, a simple platform, easy to understand and friendly with beginning users. This makes it a great alternative, especially for new users.

Among the services it offers is the possibility of buying at fixed prices, as well as using the Vexbi service which allows you to buy or sell through an Order Book. As for cryptocurrencies, we find the following: USDC, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP. The only accepted fiat money is the Mexican peso.

✨Seven: Bitex

Based in Argentina, this Exchange platform stands out for having a large number of functions for users. Here we find concierge, Exchange, Boutique, Payments, API, among others. One of the reasons why Bitex stands out so much is that, together with Alto Viaje, they both managed to develop a prepaid card for public transport which accepts Bitcoin.

Here we find a limited offer in cryptocurrencies, BTC and BCH, as well as the possibility of using fiat money such as dollars, Argentine and Chilean pesos. As for the commissions, these go according to each transaction.

✨Eight: Panda

This is the first Casa de Cambio that we found based in Colombia. Panda Exchange is a house developed by the Panda Blockchain which makes the operation between both platforms easier. Its main objective is to make the exchange, purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies easier and more secure.

As for cryptocurrencies, here we can only operate with BTC, BCH, ETH, DAI, TUSD while it only accepts dollars, euros and Colombian pesos as fiat money. Commissions vary depending on the transaction service. The forms of deposit / withdrawal are through interbank transfers and Cobru (payment platform).

✨Exchange nine: Bitcoin Market

Finally, we have an Exchange House based in Brazil which operates through the use of 3 types of accounts: Normal, VIP and Gold. To differentiate itself from the market, this Exchange has three values, freedom, security and transfer as its main values.

The accepted virtual currencies are: BTC, BCH, CHZ, ETH, LTC, USDC, WBX, XRP while in fiat money it only allows to operate with Brazilian reals. The cost of the commissions depends on the transaction carried out, while in forms of deposit and withdrawal we have the use of bank transfers, as well as its own payment platform.

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