Increasingly, assumptions are in the spotlight. investment gurus, traders or investment experts who promote their services through the various instant messaging applications.

Telegram is very common since it is considered a very secure application for messaging, and it is not so easy for the authorities or third parties to detect it. It is a quite anonymous encrypted application and for this reason it is highly chosen by these scammers, since they can disappear and it is very difficult to trace them. This is why it can be one of the preferred means of communication for these so-called gurus who know everything about the art of generating money. Likewise, there are also cases of these on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and other social networks.

Well, already in the apps, there will be so many groups with real aspects that what they do is steal graphics and images from other pages or create fake graphics, images or chats. They are very common, for example, chats in which you can participate, normally led by a young, rich man, who can show his luxuries through the group to "motivate" people to deposit money and have a life like his.

These trading or investment geniuses will show you everything from sports luxury cars, to expensive watches, his life with women, luxury travel to private jets, and wads of cash, everything that fits in the imagination of a rich person.

telegram whatsapp signal scams
Telegram, one of the most used messaging applications to commit scams, due to its anonymity and encryption.

These scammers will try to hook as many people assuring that they are dedicated to the trading (financial speculation to obtain benefits) and will show supposed evidence of their success.

these gurus, they say they have years of experience in financial activities, they ensure their success and the multiplication of people's income in record time. They can even send a DNI so that people are reassured that it is someone real and that they show their faces (which of course will be false). They can also tell you that you have their name and their face, that if it is a scam they would not show their face. Think that they can be (and probably are) photos of another person, false images.

The key is knowing how to recognize a fake guru and a true trader. A real trader will never be able to assure you of high returns, he will not encourage you to deposit money or show a life of luxury to other people in the chat.

Gurus will have:

  • Charts in a trading app showing how your profits go up and up and promise these results if someone wants to “invest”.
  • Conversations with other users (who are just themselves writing from another number) thanking them. 
  • Live trading videos where you can't see true account balances or verify trades that support them being profitable.
  • Luxuries and extravagant lifestyle. 
  • They say that since they found the key to success, now they want to share it with the whole world.

Pitifully, all this is false and the person will do nothing more than make their clients believe that they are winning and that they enter more and more money so that they continue to multiply it. Once they get a large sum, they will disappear.

Here below is an example of a group of a guru named Señor Sanchez (@Alberto_crypto – Señor Sanchez), he has his Telegram group and his own Telegram. It can be seen that they show a lot of money, luxuries, supposed successful operations of their clients.

Example of scam, in this case the group of Mr. Sanchez and his guru Mr. Alberto Sánchez Gómez
Example of scam, in this case the group of Mr. Sanchez and his guru Mr. Alberto Sánchez Gómez

Many bills can be seen, successful operations of its clients, luxury cars. If he is such a successful trader why does he need to promote his channel and ask you for money? It does not make any sense.

On the other hand, many of the trading gurus specialize in supposedly educational content that is sometimes ends up linking users to a broker of dubious origin (their real boss or employer or the one who pays them commissions for entering new clients and depositing money), where they will continue to invest there and then lose everything.

There are those who wonder, then where does so much money come from? Why is that person sending videos in their private jet or luxury car? The answer is simple, your income generally comes from:

  • Unregulated broker commissions for promoting them. 
  • The “investments” of its users. 
  • Income from people who buy their courses (who don't have anything you can't read for yourself on the internet). 
  • Seminars or classes with very poor content.

In addition, these people always use clichéd phrases like: “be your own boss”, “start living life to the fullest”, “work from anywhere in the world”, “get rich in record time”, “achieve financial freedom” etc. Therefore, once you identify some of these characteristics, DO NOT FALL!

Once again, it is worth remembering that easy money does not exist and that to embark on the world of investments you must be very careful, distrust people you do not know and not believe that there are magic formulas to be a millionaire. The path to being a successful trader (investor) is not achieved overnight, it takes a long time. Do not trust those who promise you big returns quickly. In 99,9% of cases, it is a scam.

Among the content offered by traders are:

  • Online trading courses. 
  • Capital management service. 
  • Financial advisors. 
  • Live talks or seminars 
  • “Trading signals” services
  • trading sessions

Here is a list with groups, numbers, gurus and people who scam through Telegram, Whatsapp, Signal, Viber:

@Alberto_crypto (Telegram) (Mr. Sanchez)

@Hugo_Reey (Telegram)

Do you know any Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber, Signal scam? Share it with us to add it to our list of scams!

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