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In this section we will analyze the broker PrimeXclub (also called Prime X Club), is a Forex broker. Is PrimeXclub really recommended to make an investment? Or is it better not to invest with this company? Is it a safe broker? Is a gotcha? We will help you determine it.

You might be wondering why we review PrimeXclub. It is because we have received some messages from clients asking about the company, and we like to think that our reviews page helps investors, by providing key information about the company, we disclose information that every investor should know before leaning or not, for Invest with an investment company.

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We carry out this review and assessment, due to the fact that we receive different messages and comments asking about the reliability of the company in question.Are you a representative of this company? Leave a comment responding to customer concerns.

Essential information: Who does it belong to? Where is located? Is it a regulated broker?

The broker mentions being part of: Elit Property Vision LTD.

As to its location, the broker mentions being based in: Bulgaria. 

If we analyze the regulation of the broker: because PrimeXclub does not mention anything about being a regulated company, we believe that it is an unregulated broker.

If now we go on to analyze account types that PrimeXclub offers, we note that PrimeXClub does not actually mention information about owning different types of account.

Las platforms to operate that PrimeXclub offers are: apparently MT4.

We will now analyze the different resources and aids for traders that PrimeXclub provides on its website. We believe that the resources and help provided on the website can be a point in favor of the broker.

PrimeXclub website
PrimeXclub website

PrimeXclub provides the following help or resources to traders or interested parties: very basic explanation and without going into detail about the services that PrimeXclub offers, really not much more than this.

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Other information about PrimeXclub

Some more information in case you want to contact the company, or see its website for yourself.


Phone number: unmentioned

Email: unmentioned

>>> Rating on PrimeXclub <<

Ending with this section, in our opinion Do we believe that the PrimeXclub company is reliable? Should you invest your money with the company?

The truth is that, we believe that it is better to be careful because: it is an unregulated broker, it is based in unsafe countries (Marshall Islands), it provides very little information about the services that the company offers, when looking for ratings on PrimeXclub we really cannot find no other, which indicates that it is a "new" company. We suggest using caution.

The broker is related to companies with too many complaints and some of these companies have already been warned by various European financial regulators, companies such as Bitcoinie, Wellington Investments, Briton price, Capital 245 y Richmond FG (Richmond Financial Group), among other companies. 

On various sites on the web, he apparently mistakenly mentions a broker called PRC Financials, apparently a Russian broker, as well as the logo on the website apparently belongs to another broker called Genius Trading, about which we have not been able to find any information. Incredible as it may seem, he mentions a third broker, also by mistake, a broker called ArgoCommerce.

October 2019 update: CNMV, Spanish regulator, has warned about PrimeXclubWe suggest extreme caution. CNMV also warns that PrimeXclub is linked to ES.FIRSTBTCFX.COM, ES.PROCAPITALFX.COM, ES.BTCGLOBEFX.COM, ES.FIRSTFXCLUB.COM, ES.CAPITALBTCFX.COM, ES.CRYPTOCLUBFX.COM and ES.GAMEBTCFX.COM

We always recommend working only with properly regulated companies, isn't it better to have the protection of a good regulator? Is it worth the risk if there are much safer options to invest?

You have to understand that one of the few measures that really ensure the clients' money is the regulation of the broker, that is, it is probably the most important thing in any broker; THAT IT HAS A GOOD REGULATION, DO NOT BE FOOLED. Good regulation means that there is an authority to which, in case of misunderstandings or problems, customers can complain.

What is your opinion? Have you traded with this broker? Are you a customer? Do you think our opinion is not correct? We invite you to collaborate with us and vote, you can also leave a comment on our website with your experience if you are a client of the broker.

We leave a vote open so that traders, clients and users of the broker can vote.

What do you think of PrimeXclub? What has been your experience?

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About the author: Pedro Martinez Gonzalez

I'll tell you a little about myself! I am a financial analyst and economist with a master's degree in finance.

About my studies: I studied at the University of Salamanca for a Degree in Economics and then did a Master's in Finance in Madrid.

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2 comments on «PrimeXclub: Rating and Comments»

  1. Aldo DiCaprio - Andres Pinto - IMPOSTORS Reply

    They have cheated me € 82.200.
    I participated in mmfinancialexperts and wtcinversion.
    aldo dicaprio [email protected] He promised me prudence and honesty in my investments. Sick, and I am awarded a manager, he tells you called Andres Pinto [email protected] .com and has usurped € 82.200 with lies and disgusting persuasion.
    I demand that Elit Property Vision Ltd / PrimexClub return the money they have stolen from me.

    I attach a warning from a broker website:
    Elit Property Vision Ltd / PrimexClub is a scam. Here the tests:
    1. All the brokers listed below are owned by Elit Property Vision Ltd / PrimexClub. They are not regulated and have been renamed several times: capital245 .com, bitcoinoie .com, jbcapitals .com /, xcoinbroker .com, mmfinancialexperts .com and richmondfx .com.

    The following brokers: tradeprofitweb .com, capital245 .com and Bitcoinoie FinServices LTD, declare in their terms and conditions to belong to one such Mountain High LTD, Capital245 FinServices LTD and Bitcoinoie FinServices LTD. However, they are still part of the same fraudulent group and have only changed their name to go unnoticed (we explain more in point 3).

    Some websites no longer work like: Richmondfx and xcoinbroker.

    2. A large number of international regulatory bodies have already issued numerous warnings against these websites and "companies": the first from the CNMV against Elit Property Vision: Where the CNMV lists all the companies that work with under the name of Elit Property Vision.

    The following has been issued by the MFSA: // -it-columbia-capital-group-ltd-sucaba-enterprise-ltd-lkm-groups-ltd-elit-property-vision-ltd-get-financial-marke /. Another by the Italian CONSOB (one published on May 4, 2020, another March 9, 2020, another on November 4, 2019, etc.): Also on April 14, 2020 the CONSOB issued a warning against Richomndfx: //

    And the following is from the German BaFin:

    3. All the pages have the same design, the same information, obviously the same terms and conditions and this is where we realized that Capital 245, Trade Profit Web and Bitcoinoie are still part of Elit Property Vision Ltd.

    4. All these alleged brokers are registered under the same false address, 1574 Sofia, RA, Hristo Smirnenski, 112 Geo Milev Str., Partner Floor, Office 1 and as usual among scam brokers, their contact numbers are located In England.

    • Recommended Brokers Reply

      Hello, thank you for sharing your experience with PrimeXclub. This broker is a real SCAM, many investors have denounced PrimeXclub for criminal activities.
      It is a broker that lies to its investors, it is not clear where they are from or who regulates them, that is typical of Brokers who SCAM THEIR CUSTOMERS.
      CNMV, the Spanish regulator, has warned about PrimeXclub, we suggest extreme caution. CNMV also warns that PrimeXclub is linked to ES.FIRSTBTCFX.COM, ES.PROCAPITALFX.COM, ES.BTCGLOBEFX.COM, ES.FIRSTFXCLUB.COM, ES.CAPITALBTCFX.COM, ES.CRYPTOCLUBFX.COM and ES.GAMEBTCFX.COM
      If you have more information about the company, we ask you to share it with us, especially if it is information that you think can help other people investing with this company.

      Do you have names of advisers, numbers, emails from which they have contacted you? Do you remember how you found this broker in the first place?

      To get your money back, try our chat or this link: CLAIM YOUR MONEY, WE HELP YOU


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