The best brokers in the United States to invest in the stock market in 2024

best brokers united states

✔️ Information reviewed and updated in July 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

If you are from the United States and want to choose the best broker platform for you, you should know that the best brokers are those that provide a wide variety of financial instruments to tradeIn addition, it is important to take into account the time they have in the market, as well as their level of popularity among their users.

Today I will tell you which are the best Broke's in the United States to invest in the stock market.


Broker: XTB

xtb 3

Regulatory: CySEC

cyst 1

Plataform: MT4

metatrader 4

Minimum deposit$ / € 250

✓ Overall assessment:

Leverage: Up to 1: 500

DEMO account: Yes

One of the best brokers to invest in the United States is XTB, mainly because it is a broker regulated by one of the most reputable international institutions in the world, such as the UK Financial Conduct Authority, which means that it meets high standards.

In addition, this broker has facilities scattered throughout the world, among which are countries such as: Germany, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, Uruguay, etc.

XTB operates with two platforms:

xStation5: It is focused on risk management thanks to its indicators and special tools.

Metatrader4: Designed for practical data analysis and quick financial analysis, suitable for more experienced traders.

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Exchange: eToro

etoro 3

✓ Regulatory:



Minimum deposit:

 $ / € 0

✓ Commissions:

1% per trade

✓ Valuation:

This platform has become one of the favorites for the most successful investors, despite its relatively high commissions compared to its competitors, but it is worth it thanks to its financial tools.

eToro is a perfect European organization for traders who don't have a lot of experience, especially since they can closely observe how the most successful ones trade and replicate their movements.

This platform, in addition to seeing what other investors are doing, will allow you to follow specific users and receive a notification each time they make an operation.

The tool will allow you to copy the investments of others, but you can also do it automatically.

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Interactive Brokers

Broker: Interactive Brokers

interactive brokers table

Regulatory: FCA


Platforms: Own platform

interactive brokers table

Minimum deposit: $0

Overall rating:

Leverage: Up to 1:100

DEMO account: Yes

Interactive Brokers is one of the best Brokers, mainly for its wide range of financial instruments, which include stocks, options, futures, currencies, among others.

This platform is perfect for those experienced traders who like customization of tools, charts and trends.

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TD Ameritrade

Broker: TD Ameritrade

td ameritrade chart

Regulatory: FINRA

fine table

Plataform: Own platform

td ameritrade chart

Minimum deposit: $50

Overall rating:

Leverage: Up to 1:30

DEMO account: Yes

One of the recommended brokers in the United States is TD Ameritrade, a platform which allows you to trade stocks, futures, mutual funds and ETFs.

This platform is extremely easy to use, offers highly convenient research and analysis tools for novice traders.

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BrokerE * Trade

e trade table

Regulatory: SEC

sec usa

Plataform: Own platform

e trade table

Minimum deposit: $0

Overall rating:

Leverage: Up to 1:30

DEMO account: Yes

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It is another of the recommended brokers thanks to the wide range of financial instruments, in addition to being a platform which offers graphic tools, which makes it extremely intuitive and easy to use.

What are brokers?

A broker is an intermediary between traders and the market. In other words, the platform to invest in the stock market will be in charge of finding a seller and managing the operation of the asset that we want to buy, just like when we want to sell.

This means that choosing a broker properly is extremely important, since it will be our main ally when investing in the online stock market.

What platforms to invest in the stock market?

Choosing the best platform to invest in the stock market is not easy, but You can use our broker comparator so you can choose the best. In this sense, there are traditional ones, as well as the newer ones, which will allow you functions such as:

  • Possibility of choosing the lowest commissions in the market.
  • Options to visualize the operations that make the most successful investors.
  • The financial instruments with which the most modern brokers allow you to operate are extremely broad.
  • Each of them integrate analysis tools, so you can make informed decisions.
  • In addition, they have educational resources and support tools, which will come in handy when you are trading in the market.

Broker Types

We can divide brokers into 3 main types.

Unregulated brokers

These types of brokers are not usually recommended for beginner traders, since they are not regulated, they do not have a backup in terms of possible losses of your funds.

However, many professional traders use them because of their low commission rate.

market makers

This type of Brokers is highly recommended for traders, since their main focus is retail clients.

The best brokers in the United States are market makers, specialize in financial derivatives such as CFDs and futures.

intermediary brokers

This type is recommended in the United States United, They are focused on being only intermediaries, connecting us with buyers or sellers depending on the circumstance.

They are usually more recommended for those who work with large capital, because they are more expensive.

Best platforms for trading

To choose the best trading platform I recommend you follow the following characteristics:

  • Analyze the institution that regulates it.
  • Observe the commissions and fixed fees charged.
  • Choose an intuitive platform adapted for you.
  • Choose one that supports the asset you want to trade.
  • Check that their customer service support is adapted to your native language.
  • Opt for the one that offers courses to continue learning.

How to choose the best broker?

The most important thing when choosing the best brokers in the United States is to first opt ​​for those that are safe, and then use the experience of others.

However, it is essential that you experience it for yourself.

Which is the safest?

Internationally regulated brokers are usually the recommended brokers in the United States, and therefore safer to use.

Forex market hours

In New York time, the market opens at 8 AM on Mondays and closes at 5 PM on Fridays.


Which broker is right for me?

Choosing the right broker for you is not easy, but you should basically focus on 3 things: that it provides support for the market in which you want to invest, that it offers adequate analysis tools for your expertise, and that its platform adapts to your trading style.

Which broker charges less?

The brokers that charge less are the non-centralized ones, but if you are starting out we do not recommend using them.

What brokers are regulated in the United States?

Some of the regulated brokers in the United States are: Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, E*TRADE and Charles Schwab.

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