The best brokers in Uruguay to invest in the stock market in 2024

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✔️ Information reviewed and updated in July 2024 by Pedro Martínez González

One of the most important decisions that every Trader must make when starting is to choose the correct platform to invest in the stock market. Today it is possible to have access to invest, and the fact that there are more and more suitable platforms for it, has made the decision much more difficult. That's why today I will tell you which are the best brokers in Uruguay.


Broker: Capitalix

recommended capitalix

Regulatory: FSA

fsa seychelles

Plataform: Own Platform

recommended capitalix

Minimum deposit: $ / € 0

Overall rating:

Leverage: Up to 1:200 (Forex), 1:100 (Indices), 1:20 Stocks, 1:5 (Crypto)

DEMO account: Yes

We will start our list of recommended brokers in Uruguay with one of the best options. Capitalix is ​​a company which acts as an intermediary, based on fundamental pillars such as trust, personalized support and the best solutions.

While this platform is perfect for those beginning investors, it also offers 1:200 leverage options and low commission payouts, making it a great option for more experienced traders to use.

Also, one of the reasons why Capitalix is ​​one of the best brokers, is your option to open a virtual account, where you can have up to $100,000 to invest risk-free while you learn.

Among its 150 assets available to operate, of course we find the Forex market, one of the most important and representative markets, which every Trader must go through at some point in his career.

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scam equity

Regulatory: FSC

fsc mauritius

Plataform: Web trader

scam equity

Minimum deposit: $100

Overall rating:

Leverage: Up to 1:200

DEMO account: Yes

The next of our recommended brokers is Equiity, a platform that will adapt perfectly to your objectives as a Trader.

Opening an account at Equiity is extremely simple, and it is also very functional, since you will have perfect services and tools to continue growing as a Trader.

In the same way, you can develop your knowledge thanks to learning the basic concepts and familiarizing yourself with the Trading tools, all with its educational platform.

If you are an experienced trader, you can also trade directly, without having to go through a virtual account, and start trading with real money.

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Broker: XTB

xtb 3

Regulatory: CySEC

cyst 1

Plataform: MT4

metatrader 4

Minimum deposit$ / € 250

✓ Overall assessment:

Leverage: Up to 1: 500

DEMO account: Yes

Investing in the online stock market will not be a problem using XTB, an extremely easy to use and customizable platform, with the possibility of also using its mobile application receiving news, alerts and videos in Spanish.

XTB is a regulated broker, and its more than 500,000 users support the use of this platform.

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Exchange: eToro

etoro 3

✓ Regulatory:



Minimum deposit:

 $ / € 0

✓ Commissions:

1% per trade

✓ Valuation:

Of course, one of the platforms that we could not forget in this broker comparator is eToro, mainly because it is a platform that allows you to create investment strategies, in which you can diversify, and become a winning trader.

Millions of investors use eToro thanks to the fact that it is a broker regulated by multiple authorities worldwide, making it safe, with global support.

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What are brokers?

Brokers are a company that functions as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of assets. In this case, the broker executes the buy or sell orders, and in return charges a commission.

In addition, the broker has an extremely important function, that of guaranteeing the functioning of the market, providing you with the necessary tools so that traders can operate in it.

What platforms to invest in the stock market?

Choosing a platform to invest in the stock market is not easy, since today there are a large number of operators that provide services to trade in the Stock Market.

In this case, we recommend the best brokers in Uruguay, with the aim of prioritizing the security of your data, always opting for regulated options, to avoid falling for scams.

Broker Types

In order to choose a suitable broker for you, it is important that you know its different types, which I will tell you below:

Market Makers: They execute trades for their clients from a trading desk.

Non Dealing Desk: This type of broker allows you to operate directly or indirectly in the markets, thanks to an electronic communications network regulated by another institution.

Hybrid brokers: This type of broker works as Market Makers and Non Dealing Desk, offering the possibility of creating extremely versatile Trading accounts, which is why they are especially recommended for the most experienced traders.

Best platforms for trading

If you want to do Trading, the best option is to opt for the recommended brokers in Uruguay, the ones we mention in this list.

It is very important that you create a demo account in each of them, so that you can choose the broker that best suits your goals.

How to choose the best broker?

To choose the best broker you must take into account recommendations such as: observe the testimonials of other traders, analyze the tools of each one, see if the financial asset of your interest is available and also study the broker's regulations.

Which is the safest?

All the brokers recommended in this list are safe, so your investments will be safe.

Forex market hours

The Forex hours depend on the international stock market, but taking into account the New York Stock Exchange according to the hours in Uruguay, the market opens on Sunday at 7 PM and closes at 7 PM on Friday.


Which broker is right for me?

The broker that suits you best is the one in which you feel much more comfortable.

Which broker charges less?

The brokers that charge the least are the unregulated ones, but if you want to look for a regulated option with low commission charges, we recommend Capitalix.

What brokers are regulated in Uruguay?

The institution that regulates brokers in Uruguay is the Superintendence of Financial Services (SSF) and the Uruguayan Stock Exchange (BVU), however, there are no brokers directly regulated by a Uruguayan entity, but you can use those that have with regulations of other countries.

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